Monday, April 20, 2015

Why I Love to Blog

I have a giant backlog of things to blog about and I am trying desperately to get caught up and paint rooms and work on some Fly Little Guy posts too.  I LOVE blogging...I know not a lot of people blog anymore, but I will continue to because it really makes me document our lives.  I cherish the memories I have recorded over the years and all of the funny stories of the kids growing up and learning and making messes.  I know I would have forgotten most of them had I not taken the time to record them in both picture and word.  I also love to is an outlet for me and something I really enjoy doing.  I am much better expressing myself through writing and photos than I tend to be with words.  

So in the spirit of recording memories, I shall tell you all about our Easter festivities.  For Easter Saturday, we headed up to a beautiful little oasis we found a couple of years ago and enjoyed a picnic, a short hike and playing in the water and enjoying the green.  The kids caught minnows, threw rocks, waded and climbed on boulders.  Q got soaked as per usual.  Annnnd the dog thought he was in heaven.  I sat under a beautiful tree and rocked the babe to sleep.  It was delightful.

We had a nice little egg hunt on our hike back and the kiddies got a few new doodads and whatnots.  I forgot the grass for their buckets this year and so I need to remember that next year, or maybe get some bucket things aren't just rolling around in their haphazardly.  Even though Easter grass is annoying and messy, it keeps things in place better.

For Easter Sunday, we had a fancy dinner of Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, tiny coconut macaroon nests and mini loaves on our own bread boards that we got a few years ago.  They are personalized with a word that describes each family member and I love to use them for Easter to symbolize Jesus as the bread of life.  I cut roses from the yard and used them to decorate...and I was soooo excited about that this year!

We had a great time decorating eggs this year.  Miss B used watercolors, I stamped a few and used some metallic paint for accents. We also used some old silk ties for some amazing results and the boys loved making marbled eggs with oil in the dye.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Newborn Photography: Then And Now

I had the great idea to do a little before and after shoot with Number Five and so I dug out the pants he wore for his newborn shoot and shoved his chubby thighs into them.  The hat fit fine. :)

Boy has he grown in four months.  He is soo delectably squishy and chubby.  Mmmmmm.  Look at how sweet and tiny he was at 6 days old.  Gosh it goes fast. 

And in big news, he has learned to roll over, although he is not sure how he feels about it.  He's happy and proud for a minute or two and then realizes he's stuck.  :)  He continues to be the happiest and most chill baby.  We marvel at it daily.  And he smells delightful.  Sigh...I still can't believe he is ours.  And yes, he has turned me into a big mush of cheesy, sentimental emotions...and I love it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Newborn Photography: Third Princess

While visiting my sister, we got stuck in Portland and couldn't get home on standby.  The flights had suddenly booked solid for days and I was supposed to be home to photograph a sweet newborn (not to mention drive the carpool and be a mom).  We finally made it home after a tense few days and a couple of long flights + a layover.  Luckily Wes was an angel and slept through both flights and even the hour we had to wait in the plane for a gate to become available.  He ended up with lots of admiring fans after that.  Miss B flew home the next morning so I didn't have her to help, which made him even more of an angel baby.  

Anyway, I made it home in time to capture this newborn goodness.  There is a very short window for photographing newborns...usually within the first ten days is best because they are still really sleepy and like to be curled up.  This sweet gal was a dream.  I put her in baskets and swaddles and even one of my antique drawers! Make sure to check out the photo of her and mom...she is holding up three fingers which is perfectly fitting as she is the third princess of the family. :)  I love taking pictures with all of the pink and bows.  It is delightful!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Life-Sized Fairy Garden

So literally the day after we got back from our Spring Break trip, Miss B and I and the baby repacked and flew to Oregon to visit my sister and her two girls.  Wes did soo awesome on the plane and slept and smiled.  It was outstanding and so was Oregon. My cute sister picked us up at the airport with some box lunches and we set out to explore.

We first visited the Vista House with views of the Columbia River.

Next we wound our way around the highway, admiring the many many waterfalls until we came to an exquisite, historic hotel and enjoyed their grounds for a couple of hours.  It was seriously a life-size fairy garden.  Sigh... we took soo so many photos.  Luckily Miss B had a fabulous tulle skirt in her luggage so she changed into an outfit more fitting of the surroundings.  It is handy to have a nice tulle skirt hanging about when one needs one.

We floated luxurious petal boats down the stream and oohed and ahhed at the most unearthly blossoms I have ever seen.  The Cuteness snoozed the entire time.  I snapped and snapped and snapped.  I took pictures of people and flowers and bridges and foliage and water.  I took pictures of our adventure and oh what a beautiful, magical place it was.  Miss B and I fell completely in love with it.


But that is just the first day...I shall tell you all about the rest later. :)

PS It's handy to have a pretty daughter willing to pose for me in a pretty place.  I love it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Fill Up An Extra Long Weekend

For Spring Break, I took the kiddos to visit my hometown and family.  I haven't really traveled too much since being pregnant, so I was so excited to get out and visit people and explore.  We drove the six hours seamlessly and visited and enjoyed the beautiful weather and blossoms (while dad stayed home and worked- poor guy).  I took the kids to some of my favorite places growing up and we had a nice walk around the town, stopping for lunch and a stroll through the park.  Mr. C took some photos of the babe and I one fine afternoon too.  I have wanted some with the little chub, so I was very pleased... plus I needed some updated head shots.

We stayed with my in-laws and Dennis and Miss B rode horses.  They are both horse lovers and were in heaven.  Miss B is fearless and is pretty much a natural with horses (it's cuz she's so bossy).  Dennis loves them as well and even managed to stay on when the horse ran with him a couple of times, and it's a good thing he didn't fall off because he had a bruised sternum from falling/jumping off the top bunk already...goodness boys keep me on my toes.  You can imagine how painful hiccups were for him!

For our St. Patrick's Day breakfast, I made Irish pancakes and we ate them with the traditional lemon juice and sugar (plus blueberries).  For dinner, my mom and I had planned to make Pesto Pizza and some other festive and green goodies, but we ended up visiting with my cousin and her kids at the river and it got late and we were having a blast so we heated up some leftover Enchilada Casserole instead, ha!  Sometimes that just happens...and you eat Mexican food on St. Patrick's Day. :)

We also went hiking, went out to lunch and visited with some good friends at the park that day.  In fact, I still can't believe what we accomplished over five days.  We saw my parents and in-laws, two sets of grandparents, one aunt and uncle, three of my husband's siblings and kids, four cousins and some of their kids and two of my long-time friends.  And we had a lot of pleasant non-hurried down time where the kids walked to the store for frozen yogurt and we sat on the front porch watching the world go by.  I'm still not quite sure how that all happened. We must have been in a time warp or something.  Either way it was marvelous.

So to fill up an extra long weekend thoroughly, make sure to visit a plethora of family, have a family barbecue, visit friends at the park, go hiking, eat donuts, go on a few walks, ride horses, take pictures, get frozen yogurt and help grandpa feed the cows.  And play at the river for a few hours with cousins.

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