Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day of Golf and Pictures: Boys Fashion

Sometime back in March, when the weather was superb and the birds chirped and a light breeze blew through my hair...I took Q out for a golf photo session for Fly Little Guy.  We went to an actual golf course and I thought Q would die of excitement.  He LOVES golfing, although we've never taken him and my husband isn't really into it, so we're really not sure where this love came from.  Anyway, I dressed him up in some golfing-type duds and we grabbed a club and a ball and played golf on a little corner of the golf course where we were sure to be out of the way.  I'm not sure he had his hand placement right (and truly I am a poor teacher because I've only ever been mini-golfing a handful of times), but he got a kick out of the adventure and I got some fun pictures of my little man.  Although the skinny jeans made him look exceptionally tall.  

Q is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the next couple of weeks and is absolutely beside himself with anticipation.  I am filled with a lot of hope that he does well and listens and doesn't drive the teacher nuts! :)  He is quite the ball of energy as I am sure you've heard me mention a time or two.  But hopefully he will be so busy learning new things and filling his little busy mind, that he will be fully occupied.  I remember feeling the same way about Dennis and he did swell, so that has eased my mind a bit. I sure will miss him though.  Luckily I have a new wee one on the way to occupy my time, eh?! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Number Five

So as you have probably read, I am pregnant with my fifth.  It was a bit of a shock.  After delivering Q, I had a very scary blood clot in my lung a week after he was born.  We ultimately decided he would be our last, as the possibility of more clots with future pregnancies is very high.  However, Heavenly Father must have felt we needed more and sent this little blessing anyway! We always felt like there was one more for our family and have even thought seriously about adoption.  In fact, we were very close to signing on with an agency a few times.  But things just never worked out.  I really think Heavenly Father has a plan and he certainly knows better than I do.  I was a bit nervous when I first learned of this pregnancy, because I really didn't want to have another life-threatening clot and all of the pain and worry that accompanied it.  But after a lot of prayer and a priesthood blessing, I realized that I should do all I can to be safe and then turn the rest over to Heavenly Father.  I am currently on a Lovenox shot daily (blood thinner) to prevent more clots.  It has been a challenge and I am slowly getting better at giving myself a shot every morning.  I definitely do NOT enjoy them, but I am grateful for modern medicine, the precautions that are available and the wonderful doctor who watches out for me.

We learned we are having another BOY a few weeks ago!  That will bring the total count to four boys and one girl (and yes, the girl was a little sad about it, but she'll pull through).

I am 19 weeks is a shot of the bump at 18 weeks.  I have been sick sick sick.  I have never been this sick for this long with any of my babies.  I think I am just old or something! :)  So hopefully 20 weeks will be the magic number?  I am feeling better than I was at the beginning, so that is definitely a huge plus.

Annnnd I bought my first fun baby-wear purchase.  I have loved baby moccasins for awhile, but missed them with Q, so I was excited to get a pair.  Hooray for mini moccasins and chubby feet that go in them.

Last but not least, I will be putting photography on hold for the time being.  Unless you have already scheduled with me!  With a new baby coming and four kids going hither and thither, my focus needs to be elsewhere. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July in Mexico

We went to Mexico for the 4th of July.  We had a bunch of fun trying out the different pools and enjoying the gorgeous ocean.  The water was perfectly perfect, there were plenty of seashells to gather and it was just an all-around relaxing time.  There was even a little golf course at the place we were staying and the boys had a good time playing golf until they got too hot and then they would just jump in any pool that was closest.  Awesome.

We made Schaum Torte for our dessert on the 4th of July.  It's a favorite recipe that my aunt made growing up.  If you've never had it, it's basically a couple of meringues filled with clouds of whipped cream and topped with fruit.  It's also called a Pavlova.  And it's basically heavenly.  I had to improvise a bit because I didn't have the correct pans to cook it in, but it worked out and was tasty.  Miss B helped me decorate the top, which was difficult as the meringue pieces are hard and do not make for a flat decorating surface.  But it does make for a yummy surface for sure.  *recipe below*

My favorite spot was floating in the pool that was situated right on the ocean...that way I could hear and see the waves and enjoy the pool at the same time.  I love to have my cake and eat it too.

The night of the 4th we walked down to the beach around sunset, played in the water, lounged on the sand and enjoyed fireworks both from the beach and from far off in the distance.  It was very lovely and awe-inspiring.

My belly is starting to get in the way more and more.

The kids loved boogie boarding, building sandcastles and jumping waves.  I pretty much loved lounging. :)  And although Mexico was beautiful and lovely, we were glad to get back to the good ol' USA.  We saw a lot of poverty while there and it was an eye-opening experience for the kids.  They recognized how spoiled we are...which is a good thing.

Aunt Penny's Schaum Torte

1 c. cold egg whites
1 t. vinegar
1/2 t. Cream of Tartar
2 c. sugar
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 T sugar
1 t. vanilla
Fruit of your choice

Combine first three ingredients and beat at high speed until very stiff.  Slowly add 2 c. sugar, keeping beaters on high until stiff peaks form.  Put into two well-buttered glass pie plates and bake at 300* for 10 min and 250* for 30 min. Turn oven off and let cool in oven.

When the meringues are completely cool, remove the top crust of each and set aside.

Whip cream and add 1 T. sugar and 1 t. vanilla (or to taste).  Fill one meringue with whipped cream, layer with one broken crust, then whipped cream, then next meringue, then whipped cream and finally add the last crust pieces.  Serve with berries or other fruit of your choice.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Very Own Borrower House: Summer Activity

This summer the kids and I have been reading The Borrowers series.  I loved the books as a kid because they included one of my favorite things ever, miniature stuff... not to mention creativity and adventure.  :)  So I decided my kids might like the books as well as I did and we set out to read them.  Then once we were hooked on the characters and story, we thought it would be great fun to make our own borrower house for a summer activity.  We had a blast "borrowing" items from our junk drawers and craft supplies in preparation for our fabulous mini home.  I thought Q would die of anticipation as we prepared and gathered for a few weeks. 

I am a guest on Paging Supermom today, explaining just how we went about it.  Hop over and check it out.  I added as many items as I could that were referenced in the book just to stay true to the story.  My favorite part of the adventure was watching my kids get creative and work together to think of ways to build this or that.  And then of course rearranging furniture and staring lovingly at our masterpiece.

We built an attic bedroom for Arietty on the top floor, another bedroom for her parents, a lovely sitting room, a functional kitchen and of course a storage room/pantry for all of their borrowings. I think my favorite details are the mini matchbox dressers and the birthday candle pieces on thumbtacks for candlesticks.  Sigh...

Also, we had the hardest time picking our favorite room of the house. :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Simple Surf Party

Dennis turned a year older.  Why do they keep doing that??  We threw together a very simple Surf's Up water party for him (this prego mama is still feeling under the weather).  We fed those crazy boys Hawaiian pizza, fruit kabobs, Nutter Butter flip flop cookies, gummy sharks, blue jello islands (with sharks lurking within), and some tropical juice.  My awesome sandcastle cake pan from Nordicware came in handy yet again. I use the recipe from Williams-Sonoma and fill it with whipped cream and/or pudding and berries when it's time to eat.  It's very tasty.  But you must remember to use the secret weapon Baker's Joy spray with flour included.  Trust me.  I had to make two cakes because I thought I was cool enough to get by without it.  Also do you know how hard it is to find gummy sharks??  Very. I finally found them at Circle K.  Goodness.


For activities, we filled up a bunch of water balloons that ended up lasting approximately 20 seconds...which is usually what happens with water balloons even though it takes hours to fill them.  Dear dad made one of those PVC pipe "car washes" you may have seen circulating the web.  He added some sweet rotating sprayers that really got things wet!  It was a hit.  So pretty much I let the crazy boys play water games, eat food, get soaked and be really loud.  It was pretty easy.  I sent them home with some sweet shades and cheap water guns.

I had many more plans and grand visions of a beautifully laid table and decor but really...nine year old boys could care less about decor and/or beauty.  So I decided simple was good and what do you know...they still had a blast!
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