Friday, August 15, 2014

Open Shelving: Dining Room

We finally got around to hanging the shelves I've been wanting in my dining room for the last year or so.  The boards have been sitting in my garage for months.  But we buckled down, got them measured and hung and I happily set to work gathering all of my milk glass and setting it out for display.  I love how they turned out and I even love that the top shelf was super warped and uneven.  It straightened out just enough when we screwed it into the brackets, but also left enough of it's uneven character for me to admire.  I wanted some super thick salvaged boards but they don't seem easy to come by around my neck of the woods.  I guess if I ever do find some, I can switch them out.  So...we just bought simple pine boards from the home improvement store and stained them with Minwax Special of my favorite medium stains.

My hubby picked out the white metal brackets and I LOVE them.  I had originally bought some simple wood brackets that I intended to paint white but he thought these would be easier to attach.  I ended up liking them a ton better because of their sleekness and I didn't have to paint them!  Bonus.

I love what the shelving did to the entire feel of the room.  It changed it entirely.  Now I want to utilize my vertical space in every room.  What a difference and what a storage opportunity!

Plus now I can buy more milk glass.  :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Newborn Photos: Cuddly Baby Boy

Good gracious...aren't new babies the sweetest?  I still cannot believe that I get another one here in a few months.  Pretty surreal.  

My really good friend had a baby recently and I got to go take a few photos.  He was such a squishy sweetheart.  And I'm so excited because he can be my baby's buddy. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Breakfast: It's That Time Again

School is officially in session!  And Q gets to be a part of it this year... a fact that has left him super excited and dancing around the house for days.  

For our Back to School Breakfast this year, I decided upon a time theme because the older ones are getting busier and need to use their time wisely and the younger ones are learning about clocks and time, so it worked for everyone.  The night before school started we had a great discussion on prioritizing time and not wasting it.  We read a great talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.  For our breakfast, I made a poster out of chalkboard paper and added a quick banner (made with lined paper, book pages and red chevron paper) and spray-painted my SCHOOL letters a metallic silver.  Then I decorated with a few clocks and we served clock pancakes with blueberry numbers and bacon or strawberry hands. :)  I gave each kid a journal to help keep track of things (or to doodle in..whatever), and a candy watch bracelet along with a few quotes on time.

The entire (current) crew.  The boys all started a new school this year and now wear uniforms.  Miss B started High School (gasp) and doesn't have to any more.  So the tables are turned from last year. :)  I actually love uniforms.  They are so easy.  And also I love Dennis' stick legs.  They are adorable.

Once we got to school, dad and I walked Squire to his classroom (the other kids had confidently found their own way of course)...and he headed off on his own like a professional.  Straight out into the wide world.  Sigh.  All grown up.  He got right to work in his classroom, hung up his backpack and waved goodbye.  He loved the first day and said he already made a few friends.  Which is perfect.  The other three did great as well.  Mr. C is still apprehensive about the school change, but I hope he settles in quickly.  Here's to another year my friends.  I think we are ready...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day of Golf and Pictures

Sometime back in March, when the weather was superb and the birds chirped and a light breeze blew through my hair...I took Q out for a golf photo session for Fly Little Guy.  We went to an actual golf course and I thought Q would die of excitement.  He LOVES golfing, although we've never taken him and my husband isn't really into it, so we're really not sure where this love came from.  Anyway, I dressed him up in some golfing-type duds and we grabbed a club and a ball and played golf on a little corner of the golf course where we were sure to be out of the way.  I'm not sure he had his hand placement right (and truly I am a poor teacher because I've only ever been mini-golfing a handful of times), but he got a kick out of the adventure and I got some fun pictures of my little man.  Although the skinny jeans made him look exceptionally tall.  

Q is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the next couple of weeks and is absolutely beside himself with anticipation.  I am filled with a lot of hope that he does well and listens and doesn't drive the teacher nuts! :)  He is quite the ball of energy as I am sure you've heard me mention a time or two.  But hopefully he will be so busy learning new things and filling his little busy mind, that he will be fully occupied.  I remember feeling the same way about Dennis and he did swell, so that has eased my mind a bit. I sure will miss him though.  Luckily I have a new wee one on the way to occupy my time, eh?! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Number Five

So as you have probably read, I am pregnant with my fifth.  It was a bit of a shock.  After delivering Q, I had a very scary blood clot in my lung a week after he was born.  We ultimately decided he would be our last, as the possibility of more clots with future pregnancies is very high.  However, Heavenly Father must have felt we needed more and sent this little blessing anyway! We always felt like there was one more for our family and have even thought seriously about adoption.  In fact, we were very close to signing on with an agency a few times.  But things just never worked out.  I really think Heavenly Father has a plan and he certainly knows better than I do.  I was a bit nervous when I first learned of this pregnancy, because I really didn't want to have another life-threatening clot and all of the pain and worry that accompanied it.  But after a lot of prayer and a priesthood blessing, I realized that I should do all I can to be safe and then turn the rest over to Heavenly Father.  I am currently on a Lovenox shot daily (blood thinner) to prevent more clots.  It has been a challenge and I am slowly getting better at giving myself a shot every morning.  I definitely do NOT enjoy them, but I am grateful for modern medicine, the precautions that are available and the wonderful doctor who watches out for me.

We learned we are having another BOY a few weeks ago!  That will bring the total count to four boys and one girl (and yes, the girl was a little sad about it, but she'll pull through).

I am 19 weeks is a shot of the bump at 18 weeks.  I have been sick sick sick.  I have never been this sick for this long with any of my babies.  I think I am just old or something! :)  So hopefully 20 weeks will be the magic number?  I am feeling better than I was at the beginning, so that is definitely a huge plus.

Annnnd I bought my first fun baby-wear purchase.  I have loved baby moccasins for awhile, but missed them with Q, so I was excited to get a pair.  Hooray for mini moccasins and chubby feet that go in them.

Last but not least, I will be putting photography on hold for the time being.  Unless you have already scheduled with me!  With a new baby coming and four kids going hither and thither, my focus needs to be elsewhere. :)
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