Friday, October 7, 2016

The Rest of May

As I'm looking back through pictures and trying to get caught up, I realized May was a very busy month!  I went to Oregon, Mr. C had his 8th grade promotion, Miss B went to prom and Dennis had another birthday!  It seems I'm continually "catching up"...I don't think I'll ever be completely caught up.  It's busy round these parts.

WP and I were the only ones able to go to the promotion, as Dad just started a new job and couldn't take time off and everyone else was in school.  It was really great though and Mr. C's math teacher got up and awarded him an Outstanding in Math award.  He talked about how smart Mr. C was and how diligent and hard working he was and went on and on praising my son very eloquently.  I got choked was a very happy and proud moment for a mother...especially because I love math! :)  Afterward we went for a celebratory lunch at Sonic and a trip to the library as requested.  He's an easy fellow to please.  

Miss B went to another prom with a cute kid from church.  They had a total blast and it was so much fun taking pictures and helping her get ready.  Annnnd she looks way too I keep saying it seems.  We found a couple of awesome dresses for a steal and just had to do a little modifying-but not much.

Dennis turned 11 and we had friends over for a fire and games in the greenbelt.  We cooked mini apple/berry pies in these awesome pie irons we have.  You use bread as the crust and fill it with any kind of filling...sweet or savory and drop it in the fire for a couple of minutes.  We sure love this quiet guy who is so kind-hearted and a great friend to everyone.

So, there is the rest of May for you.  In a nutshell.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Things to Do in Portland and Surrounding Areas

In May (yes I am behind and way out of order), WP and I flew to Oregon and met up with my mom to attend my brother-in-law's graduation from Optometry school.  We picked up our rental car and drove directly to the Columbia River Gorge Hotel for lunch.  It was FABULOUS!  The gardens at the hotel are breathtaking...I've been there two times before and it's awesome to look at the little stream, the foliage and the waterfall cascading off the back into the gorge. Our table sat in a room full of windows looking over the River.

After lunch, we drove around a bit and shopped a little in a cute little town before heading up to Multnomah Falls.  We oohed and ahhed about the falls and the moss and green everywhere before checking out the lodge.  It was rustic and there was a giant fire crackling in an even more giant fireplace.  And the best part was the dining room which had a glass ceiling so you could view the falls while eating.  We decided to stay for dinner. :)  I've been to Multnomah many, many times and never eaten there or even knew it was a possibility.  It was a lovely experience.



Next up was the graduation and I was the designated babysitter during the ceremony...which was great because I wandered around with my two nieces and WP and we took flowers of the rhododendrons and chased squirrels and generally enjoyed ourselves while we waited.  After the graduation, we drove to the beach although I didn't take many great photos.  We grabbed some yummy clam chowder and had a picnic on the beach while my mom took WP too jump in the freezing ocean waves.  He LOVED it and got soaked but never wanted to stop!

We also went strawberry picking- hood strawberries to be precise. They are so sweet and delicious.  I managed to stay stain-free even though I wore a white shirt and light jeans (probably not the smartest idea).  Then my mom and I and WP drove around some beautiful country, took pictures and found a yummy bakery.  It was all so peaceful and such a great trip.  We ended things off with a trip to the Rhododendron Garden in Portland before our flight home.

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Boy and His Red Cast

Once upon a time (way back in July), Q fell off the swing whilst trying to do fancy tricks.  He scraped his face pretty badly and we were all more concerned with that than anything.  So I gave him an ice pack and washed off the dirt and checked his bumps and bruises...little did I know he broke his poor arm!  And we wouldn't know until a whole week later after he kept babying it and I figured something must be wrong...also his wrist bone looked to be a little lost.  I was right.  He had a nice little fracture plus a bent bone and the doctor was so amazed at how tough he was.

We got him a cast forthwith and he chose his favorite color-red!  He was so pleased in fact with the beautiful red, he told us he didn't want it signed.  In his own words, "It is too precious of a red".  It took him awhile to get used to it and would swing his arms as normal, only to clock himself smartly in the head with his hard red cast.  He learned pretty quickly to stay out of its way!

He wore the cast for 4 weeks and then a brace for another 4.  He was so excited to get it off and wash his stinky arm!  He was done with the brace the day before his baptism...which was perfect timing (more on that later).

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back To School Breakfast: Advice From a Tree

My babes started school on the first day of August and I'm just remembering I never posted about it! I was kind of in denial because I didn't want summer to end.  But it did anyway which is a bummer because we were having fun.  Anyway, I prepared their traditional Back to School Breakfast and had it set out the night before.  This year's theme was Advice From a Tree.  We also read Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and discussed how serving others (vs. selfishness) brings true and lasting happiness.  

It was a whirlwind morning because as I was making apple pie baked apples for their breakfast, I had a very strong and strange case of vertigo- which has never happened.  So I tried desperately to regain my control over the universe and dad drove the carpool.  Miss B drives Mr. C as well as three other neighborhood kids to high school and back every day so they took care of themselves. EEEEEEK! So nice for me but maybe say a little prayer that they make it there and back safely.  Gosh it's scary business having a kid old enough to drive!

Q broke his arm on our last summer outing whilst falling out of a swing.  The boys had been doing swing tricks and alas...Q's arm was the only casualty.  Although we didn't realize it was in fact broken  for a whole week, because he's one tough cookie!  He got a cast after his first day of school and gets it off today in fact!  

For breakfast, we had apple turnovers, apple pie baked apples (you just scoop out an apple, fill it with apple pie filling and put on a little crust- so yummy!), apple cider and eggs.

advice from a tree:

stand tall and proud
remember your roots
be content with your natural beauty
drink plenty of water
go out on a limb
enjoy the view
-ilan shamir

And for some unknown reason (I'm blaming it on the rogue vertigo), I only took single pics of the two big kids that day.  I must've had wonderful intentions of catching the other two after school and we can see how well that happened!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For the Fourth

The week before the 4th, we headed to our favorite flag wall for some photos.  It was a lovely 116* and we enjoyed the mild weather (actually we were quite toasty)! After that I bought us all a nice Frosty to cool down.  Sheesh it was a hot day. 

For the actual holiday weekend, we headed up to the mountains to the family cabin to cool down and visit family.  We enjoyed lots of nature, some small naps with a wiggly babe on a hammock, and beautiful scenery.  The small town parade we hit up was the best.  WP was half asleep but woke up quickly when he noticed they were throwing candy and toys!  Grandpa even took the kiddies for a ride in one of the parade wagons when it was all over.  We left Miss B at home because she had to work (growing up is the pits I say).  So after the parade and some playing in the park, we headed home quick to be with her. 

This summer has been non stop.  I keep thinking I will gets tons of projects done and I don't know why because we have been running from one thing to the next trying to stay away from the heat as much as possible and keep kids busy...not to mention the camps and the family visits.  I have mixed feelings about school starting next week.  I am ready for routine and a clean(er) house, but I love being able to pick up and go whenever we want.  Ready or not though, here it comes.  This week is one last rush for school clothes and supplies.  Annnd trying to fit in the last bits of summer fun.

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