Saturday, July 14, 2007

Check out this Handsome Dude in his Sweet Suit!

I was able to take some pics of this good-looking guy today! He was such a natural, he could turn that smile on and off in an instant! It was a REALLY short shoot too, only about 20 min! Quick!

And I loved his jammie pants, it was early!!


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  2. What a handsome boy!! Love the last shot, that cute!!

  3. Love that last shot! Did he wear the jammy pants intentionally for the shoot? If so - way to go dude for being so unique!!
    Nice stuff, Erika!

  4. ROFL about the jammie pants! maybe he can be a newscaster when he grows up! he's already got the outfit. seriously, great captures.

  5. These are great! Love the last one...too funny!


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