Monday, July 9, 2007

Pedal Boats!

Thought my shoes pedaling would work for the theme! Here we are on Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles in MN, pedaling away! Phew, that's hard work, especially with three kids (2 were helping, a little....)! It was overcast and beautiful, it rained right after we docked! Miss B, missed the dock however, and had a slight dunk in the lake! Nice...she scored herself some sweet new shorts from Children's Place at the Mall of America...I wonder if she planned that! (BTW, someone asked where my son's PJ's were from...yep, you guessed it, Children's Place, same place and time!)We had so much fun, the Midwest is full of fun things to do! We don't feel we have the same sort of stuff here in the desert! Oh well! I guess it's nice here come Winter!! We loved all the sailboats and the meandering path to get there...great memories!


  1. Tee Hee! Love the shoes! :) Glad you thought the Midwest was fun. . . I've lived here my whole life and -- though I wouldn't move anywhere else -- I have yet to believe that it's really "fun" lol Especially in the winter time! Your pics look great -- I always love the intense colors you get. TFS

  2. Great colours!
    I love paddle boats. I want one so bad for our cottage! One of these days....
    Great crocs - love 'em!

  3. I haven't done paddle boats in sooo long. I love the bridge picture ~ great colors on all of these. I love the crocs too, wanted a pair, but waited too long and now I can't find those Mary Jane ones in my size.

  4. these are great! love your angle on things and you have a real eye for color! great job.

  5. OMG!
    Lake Calhoun?
    Lake of the Isles?
    You are in Minnesota. Are you visiting? The Mpls. lakes are wonderful and you got awesome shots. Love the bridge, the paddles boats, the sailboats and more...all beautifully shot.
    I used to live mere blocks from there but now am way north of Mpls.
    [more similarities, your 2peas is the same as my DD's, who never did get back on with school out]

  6. Those are great pictures. The colors are so bright.

  7. Ok I'll go with you for the fun part.... as long as you're just visiting:) Of course it could be me, you know what they say about taking girls out of the south;) Anyway, looks like you had a great time and got some awesome shots:)

  8. Great shots, love the color! And the paddle boats look like so much fun!

  9. Great shoe shots, the pedal boats pic is great! You got some excellent pictures. TFS!

  10. okay girl....i just looked at your blog and you have some amazing shots here. Love your captures. For lenses...l to love me 50/1.4 as well as if you are in the market l use my sigma 24-70/2.8...great lens.

    i really want the 70-200/2.8 next...mostly for weddings...

    i will keep looking at your your family so adorable...

  11. Love the pictures Erika!

    The pics of N. in his crib are sweet, it looks like an AD! LOVE them but he is the sweetest, so I love him too. Tammi


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