Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First day of school...

So, my kids started school yesterday! My son started Kindergarten...so weird. It was even weirder to only have one kid at home. Kindergarten is all day here, so it was quite long for the little guy...he said it was a long day with lots of work, when asked how he liked it! My daughter loved it (she's in 2nd grade) and was so excited to go back today! Anyway, here they are in their uniforms before we walked to school. Disregard my son's wet shirt from where we washed off the toothpaste...it's inevitable every morning!


  1. cute kids. I hope thay have a great school year. My son went back yesterday too!

  2. they really are adorable. and their eyes are gorgeous! love the uniforms--reminds me of my school years.

  3. I love uniforms, think everyone should wear them. Very nice documentation and I love the toothpaste cover-up too, makes a cute story.

  4. I agree with pp about the uniforms. I wish more schools required them.
    School doesn't start until after Labor Day here. Ben is going to be so lost with out Hannah to play with, but I think she's ready to get back to school!

  5. Toothpaste on the shirt, I do that almost everyday too. Some people just don't grow out of it. Tammi

  6. Your pictures are funtabulously marvelous. The composition is outstandingly enthralling. You are more talented than . . . than . . . than Oprah Winfrey! Sorry, I can't offer any CC to such a maestro.

    -Vike Rube


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