Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New York City

Well, hubby and I just got back from our early 10-year anniversary trip! (It's not 'til March!) We went to NYC for 4 days and really had a blast!! Anyway, here are a few from our trip.

The Statue of Liberty with the sun blaring in on one side...I liked it with the grain in BW!

Me waiting for a train in the subway, I had the shot thought out in my head, set it up and had my hubby snap a few, and it worked, yay!
Here's Grand Central Station...

The City from the Staten Island Ferry

A boat as we were docking in Staten Island, I liked the bright orange.

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

I found this amazing garage door and had to have a pic...we found it in China town.
Lights in Chinatown
On our way to Central Park in a Peddy Cab...
Central Park with the City behind.
The Pitcher pitching at the Yankees game, I don't know his name!!! If you click on the pic, you can view larger and you can see the ball flying through the air if you look close.


  1. you got some great shots, Erika! Congrats on your anniversary!

  2. What a fun trip. Glad to see you got in on a few shots. I especially like your lady liberty shots.

  3. Eek! you look sooo close to that subway! scary! I love all the shots! the statue of liberty in b&w is my fave!

  4. wow! great shots! looks like you really made it around town and took lots of pics. my fav is the one in central park.

  5. I like the flavor shots the best- especially love the garage door. The Yankee game is great too. You really got around!

  6. Those are great shots. I LOVE that subway shot. I've never been to NY and hope to go someday.

  7. great shots to document what looks to be a lovely trip. you made me hingry with that chocolate....mmm!love baseball so that was a fun shot.great work.

  8. Such TERRIFIC documentation!!! Tell me you're a scrapbooker please..these beg to be scrapped;)

    Love that sundae pic the best and at first didn't know if I cared for it in BnW, but now...I think it's perfect that way, so timeless.

  9. Congrats to you!! Love your pics!! I like all the colors, they look so clear too.

  10. These are really, really wonderful! You should make a little travel coffe table book with these!!

  11. ERIKA, i LOVE ALL THE PICTURES.. Looks like an AMAZIING time. I haven't talked to you since you got back. You'll have to tell me all about it next week. Later, Tammi

  12. so much color in those pictures. loved them! you are so talented. Congratulations on your anniversary! PS if you ever want to come to NYC again and stay and shoot some cute kids, you are more than welcome! :)


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