Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scooby Doo Party

So it was B's 8th birthday the other day! I can't believe it, she's huge!!! Where'd the time go! Anyway, here are some pics from her birthday and party...First her invitation....

Presents from family....

Tar Monster cake for the party!

Many little Tar Monsters...

Miss B with gifts from family! Thanks Grammie, Papa, J&J and Mia, Andrew and Marci! She loved your gifts! And isn't that garden-flower-house thing cool? You can grow real grass and plants on it! We need to try it out! Plus it has little elevators and fairies and beds, etc. Too cute! (That was from me!) And she got a new bike from Dad! She loves it! It has a water bottle and it's not too girly, it's red! (Yay, now the little bros can inherit it!)

And a B&W with Scooby waiting for guests to arrive.

The party was great fun! A ghost stole the presents and left us clues to find them. With each clue, we had an activity...like pin the pizza on Scooby, drop Scooby snacks into a jar, figure out a clue written in code, do a Scooby maze as a team (this is a pic of the winning team celebrating!)...and so on. It was great fun and the kids were great at the clues. They found the presents and goodie bags outside under the playground. Then we came in to eat Scooby Macaroni and Cheese and blow out candles. And thanks to Tammi, my great friend, for taking pictures for me at the party or I wouldn't have caught these!

We had all 8 candles in 8 different Tar Monsters, so it was hilarious to watch her try to get to all of them fast and not get her shirt or hair on fire!

Happy Birthday B!!

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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say i love your work! Wish i would have known about you when we lived there. I would have wanted to hang out and talk photography... sounds silly i'm sure!! I just saw two families that you photgraphed that we were good friends with down there. Thought it was funny! Great job!


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