Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Take Two

A reshoot with the same setup and different location...someone plowed my beautiful field of weeds...(and when I say "my", it's not mine at all)! It was so gorgeous, but I found a new place out of it! And I just can't get over how different nights produce different colors...light is such an amazing thing.

A tighter, 8x10 crop in B&W.


  1. I love the the color. The blue sky is beautiful. I do like the tighter crop though.

  2. You are so very good.


  3. i love these Erika! I totally wish we still lived there. I will admit though... I've been able to find some sweet locations here. If you ever make a trip out to texas I'll show ya around!! And I love both of these. I love the first because of its color, and I'm a color girl, and the second because it just looks awesome too!!!!

  4. These turned out super cute. Good looking family!

  5. these are great, but I love the original batch. Why the reshoot?? --bettijo


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