Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another fun one...

I found this old warehouse that was a great place to shoot at! (Paint-ballers thought so too!!) Anyway, here are the first ones I came to of the girls that I loved...I haven't finished going through the group ones! Beautiful girls with curly hair...and loved their fun, funky outfits! (And their willingness to use tires and trash can lids in their pics!!!)

Beautiful lighting in this one...glad I caught it!

You gotta click on this one to see it bigger..her eyes are outrageous!


  1. i love the tires! And Pip's eyes are AMAZING... thank you! thank you! Can't wait to see the rest --bettijo

  2. These are great! What BEAUTIFUL little girls. You did a great job - great lighting and great colors!

  3. Fun pictures! I'm still working on Cam for family pics!

  4. I love these little gals! and wow! what gorgeous baby eyes! The red curls kill me. so cute!


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