Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Alrighty, here are the troops, I couldn't ever really get any fantastic, blow-your-mind pictures of the costumes! Everything is such a blur when you're getting ready and it's dark with no good light, ah, but they are anyway!! We were the crew from as the White Witch, B as Lucy in her Coronation Gown, and the boys as Peter and Edmund...I did not make the boys' costumes...much too tricky to create chainmail and armor! B's costume, and mine I did make though...granted I cut corners whenever I could (iron on pins, etc are my friends...)!

B took this for me..she does great!

Me and my friend Snow White at the Ward Halloween Party

Trying to woo the kiddies away with Turkish Delight...see how happy they look, I think it's working!

Mr. N promptly fell asleep at the kids' School Halloween Carnival. Doesn't he look cute with sweaty hair...and snoozing on his pumpkin candy bag...he never let go of his sword either!

Why doesn't B ever smile?

The best picture of N standing up behind B...he wouldn't cooperate...and I swear I had another picture of him, but I'll have to search harder. See C's shoulder armor behind Miss B, he thought he was being pretty clever!


  1. Great costumes. B is such a beautiful girl, even if she doesn't smile :)

  2. LOVE the costumes! You look great Erika! Did your hubby get in on this?


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