Monday, November 19, 2007

My very own Dennis the Menace...

It all started a few weeks ago when I went walking (at night) and came home to find N awake (Dad thought he had put him to sleep, and was asleep himself...) and eating strawberries in the playroom and squishing them in to the carpet...yay! It's a darn good thing he's so cute!

So, after that it's been downhill, or is it uphill?? Anyway, we can't keep our eyes off him for a second. Here are some of things I have found him getting into lately:

Dumping powder dishwasher detergent all over the kitchen and then mixing liquid dish soap with it.

Eating Baking Soda...literally licking it off his fingers..yum!

Pulling out plastic wrap as fast as he could.

Sitting on the open dishwasher door with a steak knife in each hand.

Escaping out the front door that has a chain...he managed to get out anyway.

Eating toothpaste and mouthwash (I've made many a call to Poison Control..and BTW, give 'em milk if they eat a little toothpaste, the calcium helps balance all that out!! ).

Standing totally naked on the counter in his bathroom pulling out floss while flooding the bathroom. (The sink was plugged and the water was running...there was water everywhere! Good thing I wasn't far behind on this one!)

Pulling out the Recycling bin and throwing all the contents around the kitchen, only to get to the play-do behind it!

Climbing the kitchen counters and dumping salt EVERYWHERE.

Climbing the counters again and opening child-proof Tylenol.

Climbing on top of the dryer to get to the Halloween candy, and perching there to eat to his heart's content. Notice the chocolate smudge marks on the shelf that he so happily pointed out to me! Don't notice the mess of my laundry room!!

And with all of this, I truly wasn't more than a few minutes behind him...doing housework, it gets quiet, you know the drill!

Then there's the less messy stuff that he's so funny about! He loves blankets or towels and will play with them for hours..okay minutes, but still~ it buys me time!

He especially loved shoving his body in one leg of my silky silver jammie bottoms and rolling around in them and calling himself "Mom". That was hilarious to watch!

And then sneaking off to sit by the front door and dream of the chain falling off so he can escape once again!

And a typical phone call!

And the last thing he blessed us with the other night....

Dad was putting him to sleep, which didn't happen until 2 am due to his nap. We woke the next morning to Strawberry Milk powder all over the kitchen and living room. When N got up, I asked him if he made the mess...and with, pink crusty lips and a pink-stained jammie top, he answered innocently..."No". Then we inspected the bed to find two perfect, pink hand prints where he climbed into bed next to Dad as soon as he finished his Midnight snack. I am worried to think of what else he did that night!! If you look close, you can see the little pink hand print!


  1. He is too cute!! I love the silky jammies sleepingbag! I can't believe he gets up at night when nobody is awake! Hilarious! I'm sure you think so too. I hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. I'm so glad you caught all these messes with your camera! I've missed many good pictures because I was in a hurry to clean up a mess made by my sons. Your pictures are always so great to look at. Even your everyday snapshots are worthy to hang on the wall.

  3. I love that little guy! My favorite is the one where he's sprawled out in front of the door:-) And, of course, the first is a definite favorite! Such a fun little story of him. He'll love it when he's older. He also loves string:-) Boobie traps!

  4. Great stories and photos. I've been lucky so far to not have any major trouble makers. I love the photos of him lying on the floor, especially the one of him resting on his arms. The lighting is really nice.

  5. Freakin hilarious little guy!!! Love the pics...your amazing sis!! My favs
    are the first one and him sprawled on the floor...funny stuff!!!


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