Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here we go...

Wow! What a fun family! So photogenic too! I have such a great time at these, it's like meeting up with old friends! You guys were awesome! And as usual, I put up a ton..and there are more, I can't help myself!

I found this puddle, and the reflection was so amazing! I took one with each kid, it was great!

LOVE this one...too cute!

Beautiful eyes, and I always love freckles!

I am so glad I got this one...I got a handful and I am thrilled, she was a mover!

Candid shots are always great!


  1. Awesome family photos! I love how the boy in the first family shot has his hand on the looks like he's leaning! The puddle shot is really unique, I like how you use any element available :)


  2. What a cute family Angie. You did a really great job on these. Love the catch lights you captured in the little ones' big brown eyes.

    Loved you previous post with all your beautiful trees. The shoes are a great tradition.


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