Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry, Merry!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! We had such a fun time staying home by ourselves. We missed some of the big, family functions, but it was also really nice to stay at home! Here are some of our festive pictures...

Miss B in between openings...

C with his Shadowhawk...a flying plane type thing that is already broken!! *sigh* Dad took it out for it's first test run, it crashed and sadly won't turn on! Poor little guy was heartbroken! But this is a pre-broken picture (notice the smile)!
Trying out the scooter
C helping N ride his Lil' Quad!
Testing the Moon Shoes! Hilarious to watch, he'd jump twice and fall over!!!

Amid the clutter!

A really fun little pen. The only shot I could get of N..showing me his apple from his Shoe...luckily he started working on it before he downed a 1/4 package of Cherry Cordial Kisses!!


  1. Awww....looks like you had a Merry Christmas! Love your pics from your trip to DC!

  2. Love the pics. I am bummed I didn't take alot on Christmas. Take care, Tammi


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