Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My sweet guy!

So, I haven't blogged about this guy in awhile...I figured it was time! He is my sweetest. He is constantly writing notes to me, like the second picture down. Almost daily, he draws me a simple heart on a small scrap paper that he made at school! I love it! In fact, he was really hurt one day because I hadn't been drawing him notes and pictures in return like I used too and he thought I didn't like him anymore! I had to remedy that quickly. He is also quick to tell me how beautiful I am and notice if I am sad or don't feel good...he's just a sweetie!! So here's to him!! I love you C!!

Translation: Mom I like you mom (and then I think "tons"?? any suggestions??)...not sure about the rest...I asked him and he said, "I don't know, I can't read!" Sheesh...but he wrote it, short-term memory, eh?!

And then this is a crazy face he made for me as he was preparing for his first try at no training wheels! He was extremely nervous!

And then trying hard to get it right! He did so great, but he is still scared and turning and stopping are the toughies...but he'll get it eventually! There was lots of bribing and cheering going on too.


  1. what a sweet boy... I hear you on the notes thing...Hannah left me a note the other day with a piece of dark chocolate, which she knew was my favorite. Makes all the other junk worth it in those moments. Hey, I just typed "those moments"

  2. oh how precious! i am sure you are keeping those notes...what a treasure!

  3. Peej is a cutie!! I love the last photo of him trying to ride the bike:-) And I love how he's wearing a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads...cracks me up! Not taking ANY chances :o)

  4. Awe that face is priceless! He's such a cutie! I really wish him and J could still hang out, they had a lot of fun together.


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