Monday, December 3, 2007

The Tree

Decorating the tree!! So fun...the kids are really great helpers! I mean that both literally and sarcastically! We had Christmas music playing, some Egg Nog to wash it all down with! Fun was had by all! And, this year...we cut down 3 trees!! One big one and two little ones! The older kids wanted their own and Grammie caved! Sheesh! It was a little difficult coming up with stands for them, but we prevailed! And the kids got to decorate their own tree with all the homeade, hand-me-down ornaments, they LOVED it!


Dennis starting his tradition of pulling off ornaments and examining them and carrying them around the house. (Especially the glass balls!)

Miss B posing with her Santa hat and carefully positioned gift for the sake of a beautifully "candid" shot!

B's tree!

Mr C's little Charlie Brown tree!

The big one! We use wooden shoes from Holland instead of Stockings. My dad served a mission in Holland and we've always had wooden shoes growing up at Christmas! I had to continue the tradition and have a pair for everyone (and extras)!

As I was writing this post, I heard the ominous sound of the toilet flushing, although none of the big kids were in there. I ran in to check and found that "Dennis" had flushed who-knows-what along with some printer paper down the toilet. That, obviously didn't work, so he had the plunger out and was plunging away! Needless to say he was covered in toilet water! Yes, another mess! Had to share! Good thing that little man is cute, and hilarious!


  1. ooh, and cute he is, but man...toilet water...brings back bad memories of THIS:

    I had fish it out of the toilet and search through poop for days!

    Good luck with that little guy!

  2. Oh a day in the life of that kid. SO HILARIOUS! I love all the trees and the shoes.. Take care, Tammi

  3. AW good times! I like that B and C's trees have their own wooden shoes! Cute. Your treez look way good, all of them.


  4. I love the wooden shoes too! What beautiful trees! I especially love your little trees. My kids would kill for one of those! Our fiber optic tree will have to do this year. lol!

    Funny stories (below)about Dennis! i had a good laugh! I love how he is in diaper for the C-mas festivities. :)


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