Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Washington, DC

My dearest hubby planned a last-minute trip to DC before Christmas. I was a little stressed with leaving the kids and leaving so close to Christmas, but it was such a blast. We wandered around looking at things and eating some great food! We had Pho (Vietnamese soup pronounced "Fuh"), Sushi, yummy seafood at a fancy restaurant, and then we ate at Fogo de Chao (Brazilian steakhouse!) Yum, it was all so good!! Anywho, thanks to my hubby for such a great trip!! I absolutely loved it!

Here I am at Fort McHenry...War of 1812...Battle of Baltimore...Francis Scott Key watched the flag through the night to see if America was defeated and in the morning it was still there and he wrote a quick poem, called..."The Star Spangled Banner"!! Neat, huh...see the flag?

And this is the gorgeous DC temple rising above the trees as you are heading down the freeway, and that's where I took the picture, heading down the freeway!! We got to go through a session on Thursday night, it was so great and the Christmas lights were beautiful!

Arlington Cemetery decorated with wreaths for Christmas, what a sight! And the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier was awesome too!

This is a brick wall on the grounds of Mt. Vernon (George Wahington's home). I loved the mossy brick walls...I couldn't get over all the brick everywhere, we are lacking in that area here in the west!

View from George's backyard overlooking the Potomac river, I loved this cool tree~

And the house itself! And the leaves were blowing, cool...er...freezing cold! It was numbingly cold the whole time, but so fun to be there at Christmas!!

Beautiful flags at the George Washington Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Beautiful red trees on the walk to Lincoln Memorial...I loved them...I couldn't get over the colors since we don't have a "Fall" like that here in the desert!

The Reflecting Pool doing it's job.

Me and Mr. Lincoln behind me!

The great man himself!!


  1. Wow! This looks like it was such an amazing trip!! Beautiful photos, too.... I LOVE what you've done with the one of the tree!!

  2. Great photos! My family was just in D.C. a couple months ago and we went the same places you did, so it's fun to see your view through the lens. Virginia and D.C. are such beautiful places to take pictures. I can't believe how green the grass still is at Mount Vernon! The picture of Arlington Cemetery is very touching.

  3. looks like so much fun...we did the same trip a few years ago, sans kids...really nice! YOu got some great shots!

  4. Wow Erika! Beautiful pictures!! It really makes my heart melt to see those pics of DC. We lived there 2 years and I loved it! I'd move back in a minute. There is so much history there, beautiful scenery, and yummy food to sample. I'm glad you had a great time!
    PS you should go back sometime when the cherry blossoms trees bloom!

  5. Your pictures are so vivid! We were in DC about 3 years ago and you make it look even better than I remember! BTW--Happy Birthday today (it's the 20th right?)!!!

  6. how fun!!! love the dc pics...the cemetary pic is great and I love that tree, too. great colors and texture. Very fun! What a nice thing for your dh to do!!!!!!

  7. Hey Erika,
    Merry Christmas! Great pics! I love them. Haven't checked your site in awhile and thought I would!

    See you when we all get back.

  8. Hi. I'm Jennifer - apparently a total lurker because I don't think I've ever left a comment. I saw this post a while ago & loved it. Love the color. Love how you captured the beauties in DC. When I came across it again, I decided I needed to compliment you on the beautiful photo of the Washington DC Temple. I served my mission at the Visitor Center and was able to see it every day. This picture is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your talent. It's very inspiring.


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