Saturday, January 26, 2008


So we headed out the other day to the park to let C practice his sweet bike-riding skills!! He's tried once or twice before (without training wheels) and did really good! He just needed practice starting, stopping and turning. So, I showed him how to keep one foot on the pedal and hop along...he was so frustrated and I was thinking it was going to take months, when all of a sudden, he does it!! I couldn't believe it and I don't think he could either! Then, after that, he was unstoppable! Congrats little buddy!!

Here he is right after!! And little N, had to get in on the action too!! Lovin' those glasses!

Now, to Miss B's aspirations. She wanted to dress me up and take pics of me she tried out the hat and glasses first so I could take her pic...she was posing like CRAZY!

Here I am, being my 8-year old's model...too funny, she was LOVING it! I had to put the hat on sideways and wear the glasses!

Then she took these in the house!! She's getting to be pretty good, eh??


  1. I see a great photographer in the making! B is great!! She should start saving her pennies for lens' and such ASAP:o)
    ~Mad M

  2. Fun! It looks so warm there! There is no biking for us with our crazy weather. Brynna is going to be just as good as her mom at taking pictures. Looks like fun! Baylee says HELLO!!!

  3. Looks and sounds like a really nice day, and look at beautiful you!!

  4. Wow you guys are so much fun!! I loved the photo's she did of you! Teach her while she's young! April


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