Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clay Pigeons

Here's my fam out for a good round of clay pigeon shooting over the Christmas holiday. And, I digress, I kinda stink at it...and although that may not sound shocking, we had a Hunting Club growing up. What is that, you ask?? Some acreage, some birds, some bird dogs for hire and lots of various clay pigeon stations ranging from double bouncing ones to the obvious flying ones. Customers would pay to hunt birds or visit the clay pigeon ranges. So, with all that, you'd think I'd be good, and sometimes I surprise myself and hit the little, orange, clay disc but even then I don't really know how it happened. But, along comes my sister-in-law who has never tried it, never done it and she rocks every year!! Come on! She dusts almost every single one of them! Oh well!! I think my dad might like her a tiny bit better than me now....hmmm...anyway, there was a campfire and we had fun regardless..enjoy!

Here my little sis and her hubby are shooting, as my dad and brother throw...can you find both clays...I can!!! And then my dear hubby getting ready for his turn.

My Ragamuffin #1...decked in Grammy's coat because she's always cold...and like the dainty thing she is, she quickly found the closest mud puddle and made sure to coat both boots thoroughly in it!!

The middle man who wanted everyone to save the shells for him to line up and play with

My dorky brother, we have too much fun! I found this mask and made him try it on and he wouldn't take it he is tellling me to take his picture while he's a NINJA!! He's smiling.

My crazy-dead-eye sister-in-law....gotta know her secret! And she's like 7 mos prego here and still dead on!! Aaaack! I think she's mocking my lack of ability in this one...what d'ya think?


  1. Wow E...
    What a tribute!! There's a reason they call me "Ace"! Totally kidding! I actually think I am the only one who calls me that... I'm so lame!!

    Love all the pics... Especially the one of my hot Ninja!!

    P.S. showed my pappy your pics and he was totally impressed!!! (and trust me, the man is not easily impressed) He wants some pics of J and I in the alley and the blue garbage one of me...

    This is LONG SORRY!!

    Love ya

  2. Erika,
    I put my vote in for the color one of Brynna--I love the plaids and stipes all mixed up with the many colors! Love your post!

  3. Erika, You rock! I was so excited to hear from you on my blog. Your blog is awesome and your pictures are beautiful. So, I am not a pro at the blog thing. I totally don't even know what I am doing, but I love to see what you are up to and visit your blog, it was so exciting that you commented, hope it's ok that I put you on as one of my favs. We need to get together,-- Well, I think blogging is the next best thing, or it will atleast have to get us by until we can visit in person! Talk to you soon! Melissa and Fam


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