Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Grief!

So, I had to share more "N"isms....but before I do...here's a picture for you to enjoy! He was quietly enjoying a snack of popcorn...I was watching him. I left the room for a few minutes to work on something, only to hear a very strange noise! Snoring! Why on earth would he find it more comfortable on the cold, hard counter to eat his popcorn? And, he found it so comfy in fact, that he decided to have a snooze!! Sheesh!

Okay, so here are some hilarious things he's been coming up with...sorry if you've already heard them, I had to get them down for posterity!

The other day, I went to get the kids from school and motioned outside the Kindergarten fence for C. N was desperately reaching for the top of the fence and said "Help me up, I can't fly!" He then looks down at his hands and says, "Where are my .....flaps?" I loved that he came up with "flaps" in place of wings!

Stake Conference was on Sunday! It was a wrestling match to say the least. I don't know that I heard too much...you know the drill! It had been a long and arduous affair (I did enjoy what snippets I heard...) and then I was helping N fold his arms through the long and arduous closing prayer. As soon as it was over, N throws his arms in the air and says loud and proud..."We did it! We can go home" I couldn't agree more!

N loves Go, Diego, Go and apparently he's been learning, because last night as I am putting him to sleep (remember that's when he turns on the cute?!), he says, "Mom, let's count in Spanish...uno, gos, les, woffo!" I think he's a genius.


  1. He is so ADORABLE! We love that kid.
    Autumn says "Ithink I love him. I think Noah is a Teddy Bear."
    Have a great one. Tammi

  2. Is this your new blog? I was trying to show my mom your beautiful photos on erikalovelandphotography.com and we couldn't get in without being invited. Any way we could get invited? I'm nicolemetcalfhadley@hotmail.com

  3. that is so adorable! That shot could not be more perfect to accent these funny stories. Kids are awesome!

  4. Too funny that little N. I love the reflection on the countertops.

  5. What a cutie! Sometimes I feel like doing that. I wish we could all crash like that. He is just like my kids they go, and go, and go, until they crash! There is no in between, its either 110% or nothing at all. Isn't it funny how this usually happens when they are eating. He is definately my kind a guy---a popcorn lover!

  6. Too cute, and what a great capture. I bet he laughed when you showed him the picture.

  7. he sounds totally hilarious! I love this age. they really say the darndest things!

    Your daughter is amazing with that camera! If you don't watch out, you are going to have some competition! :)

  8. Lately you've written some funny things about Noah! He is a character!

  9. Okay I finally made it over here!!!

    IT LOOKS GREAT!!! you did a wonderful job setting it up and doing your new website! great job! it looks very professional and easy to navigate! love the pic your dd took of you too!

    great job!



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