Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maternity Shoot

Remember the Maternity Shoot I was talking about...well I am so glad we did them outside!! It was so fun! (A little chilly for Mom-to-be...) We had many backgrounds to choose from and what great models I had!! You guys were such a blast! I have soooo many to look through, but this is what I loved first!


  1. These turned out great Erika! Your colors are beautiful. I'm liking the new look of your blog.

  2. Great pics Erika! You do such a great job!

  3. Erika, I am just a blog browser (got your website from 2peas) and I think you are so talented! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. If you have a second, I would love to know if you have a favorite set of actions that you use on your photos. All the colors are so VIBRANT. Especially the pics you took in DC. I just got CS3 and I'm dying to play with it. Thanks!


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