Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Wedding in Colorado!!

It was freezing cold...somewhere between the teens and twenties with the wind chill. Brrrrr...Denver in December! It was fun and I have tons of pictures, here are some of the first!

In the snow....

A vintage version


  1. wow, and you're sure you don't want to do wedding photography...these are gorgeous!

  2. Hey Erika, Tammi told me you posted some. They look great!!!

  3. Great job on these! Is this someone you know? I love the natural light coming through the window. Genius idea to hang her dress there!

  4. These are GORGEOUS! They are really a BEAUTIFUL couple! I do love the shoe shot! Tammi

  5. So BEAUTIFUL! You did a wonderful job, although I'm sure you've got tons of photos to go through and I don't envy you that process.

  6. Hey Erika, yes I did get the canvas's, they turned out great!! Thank you again for all your help. Sorry it took so long to write you back.


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