Friday, February 15, 2008

The big *heart*day...

Here's a little rundown of the festivities....this is what our table looked like this morning. The kids wanted to surprise us and made us stay away while they got out nice dishes, a table runner, and made cards for everyone. They also got out the griddle, pancake mix, mixing bowl and every measuring cup I own in order to make pancakes. They also got out the eggs and a pan. The thought of it all...then they called us in to cook the food. Anyway, it was really sweet and we had a great time and didn't even clean up, we just this is what it looked like when we got goblets...napkins...candy and wrappers and some salt that was out for the eggs....awww good times.
Here is an up close up the fantabulous roses the kids and hubby bought for me, along with 5 of my favoite candy bar, a big Valentine balloon and sugar cookies ( I heart sugar cookies!!)
The Valentine my daughter wrote for says "So far I have had a great life and you have done a great job taking care of us. Happy Valentines day. Love B, C and N." Such sweetness! It was entitled "Parents" on the front.
This was Miss B's Valentine box. She wanted to make a cake and she did it all herself, indcluding the love-monkey cake toppers. They had a contest in her class...she didn't win, but I think she did an excellent job!
The cards the kids took to school. Mr. C (top right) said one girl in his class wouldn't accept his Valentine, cause she said her cousins would make fun of her....hmmm, kids are funny.
And little N, trying to decide how to help me tackle the disastrous mess this morning. But I can't hear him anymore....that means trouble.


  1. Love the PINK cowboy hat! Love it! That is pretty funny about the girl not taking the Valentine. Your kids did a SUPER job at making it special for you. Love B's card. Take care, Tammi

  2. the table is beautiful!!! and i love how the valentines turned out!!! super cute! love your pics from your previous post too!

  3. You have great kids! Eric was the one who surprised us all with breakfast treats, etc. (I'm not a morning person so it is easy to surprise me at that time of day!)Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Erika and Landon,
    First off, you guys have some super sweet kids--setting the table and getting out the eggs. That is something you will never forget. And Erika, you have got some amazing talent with all your photography and making personal valentines for the kids to pass out at school. Too cute! Hope to see you guys soon!

  5. "So far I've had a good life..." Awww!! So sweet! Good job on taking such great care of those kiddos:-)



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