Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Valentine....

The other day my middlest, "C", was busy in the playroom and kept coming to ask me questions like, what was my favorite soup...to which I replied, "I like lots of different soups." He asked which one specifically, and I said "Um, Clam Chowder, or Tortilla Soup." He digested that for a minute and then said, " What about Tomato Soup?" I said I liked that kind too! He then left and returned a moment later to ask what my favorite hobby was besides taking pictures...I said reading...he wanted another, I said drawing. And so on....then after many quiet moments he asked for tape and then proudly brought me what he called, "the biggest card ever"!

The first page is a picture of him and me holding hands, then one with the two of us eating Tomato Soup (that must've been the only kind he knew how to draw), then one of me with a camera, and me with a book and one of me drawing...plus a couple others I'm not sure about. He sure is a keeper.


  1. WHat about Tomato Soup? That is my favorite line ever. He is such a doll. Take care, Tammi

  2. too sweet!
    you should tape that to the wall!

  3. Moments like these make motherhood all worth it. These are the moments that you'll never forget. Jenna is into drawing also, it has almost become an obsession. Christain looks so cute and he is getting so big. Where does time go? I am sad to hear you are not comming to Utah... maybe in April we can see ya if you come, or Jayson has been looking at Nascar tickets in AZ since we will be missing Las Vegas date because of our cruise. So cute, your pictures look great. What a woman!!!!!

  4. What a thoughtful sweet boy. Don't you love being a mom?

  5. Sheesh, I truly teared up! Your kids are thee cutest:o) Wish they could stay little forever!



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