Thursday, February 21, 2008

A park day

President's Day was such a beautiful overcast day! I had to take my camera with me to the park, even tho the kids weren't totally cute to the max or anything, it was just a lazy day! But, I was so excited to get these....I LOVE these first three!!! I played around a little with some more vintage looks...enjoy!

This one cracks me up! He had been begging me to take a pic of him doing a "bunny hop" (I didn't know he knew what that was!!) So, I did (see below pic) and then tried to sneak one of his face. He then says.."Mom, you gotta get my feet!" To which I replied, " I am " (a tiny bit untruthful!!!) He says, "No you're not, you're looking right at my face!!!" Then he proceeds to bust up laughing...and I caught it....awww sweet sucess! And I got the bw, by accident, but I kinda like it!
Building a sand castle.
Some swinging fun.


  1. as always--great pics erika!!! his eyes in that first pic--WOW!!!! stunning!

    love the tex on the 2nd of your dd!!! beautiful!!!

    the sand castle pic is fun, too!

  2. btw--i added you to my sidebar---i hope that is okay--let me know!

  3. Great pics E. Those kids must have smoking hot parents!

    -Chris Carter-

  4. cute action shot on the scooter! I'm so envious of your weather right now!

  5. I love the swing pic... vintage effect is really nice! :)


  6. C is a stud! i love the one of him laughing and doing his bunny hop! For some reason I've had a hard time posting on your account...oh well. it finally worked for me!

  7. Looks like fun. I can't wait until we have park days here. We are watching and waiting for the snow to leave. We hope it is sooner than later! Good job with the pictures! Your kids are getting so big! We miss hanging out with you guys!


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