Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Remember the Maternity shoot?

Well, here's the little guy himself! He didn't want to sleep much with all that was going on, but we were able to catch a few sleeping ones!!

LOVE those squishy cheeks (the face ones...)


  1. Beautiful work. I want some of these of my new baby. I love the skin tones on the first one - Perfect!

  2. wonderful...he is a chunky little guy. Love it. That's how mine are. I love the top of the head shot, and that second one of his little cute. Almost makes me want a little on again. Almost.

  3. Gorgeous, I love them. He is a sqishy thing! SO SWEET! tammi

  4. i love the suitcase cute :)

  5. Yes, those squishy cheeks! The lighting is perfect! I love the sleeping ones and the top of the head one!! You are so talented!!!



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