Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Ten Years!!

I can't believe it's been that long...

Let's see, where to begin....
Here we are young, cute and engaged

One of our Wedding Portraits!

We've always loved to travel together. We recently went to NYC and then Washington DC for an early Anniversary gift. We love to try new foods and discuss the culture and visit sites and historical markers...and we happen to visit Washington State and Victoria, BC, quite a lot...these next two pictures are from one such trip!

Crossing over to Victoria on the ferry

Enjoying the Totem Poles in Victoria

And we have NO pics of us together I had to crop this out of a family snapshot! Sheesh....that is my next order of business!

I am not a mushy, gushy sort (especially over public internet..), but have to say I love you to my sweet hubby and thank you for always treating me so wonderful and for taking care of us! You are a wonderful Dad and I love how you almost always fill up my spoil me in those little, inconsequential things, that I really notice! Here's to the next 10 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary! And 10 years is great. Congratulations. Don't you love looking back and seeing all the different hairstyles? I swear I have a new one in every picture.

  2. Love the Pics! Happy 10 years to you! I love looking back and seeing all the changes in the kids too!

  3. Happy ten years! Look how long your hair has grown! :)

  4. Congrats on 10 years! Fun photos! Now I know you have always been photogenic!

    And your pics of Victoria make me homesick since that is my home turf. I haven't been back in so long....

  5. (Ok, I can't figure this posting stuff out! I just posted and it didn't save it, before it saved it 3 times!) Ah-heem, I was going to say he IS a good guy, and a wonderful brother! Even if he watches sports and hunting...that sorta sounds familiar at my house :) Oh, and you're a good sister too. Can't live without you guys.



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