Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun again!

Another great Senior...ohhhh how I love them! We tried some different poses and found some new and different spots! This cutie was worried because she is the Yearbook photographer and not used to being on the other end, but she did such a great job...I had it easy with posing~


  1. She has such pretty blue eyes. That blue shirt sure makes them pop out.

  2. you are so talented. i love the red barn shot.

    how are you feeling? i hope your pregnancy is going well.

  3. She is a Gorgeous little lady. GREAT PICTURES! I love the below pics of C with his faux hawk, and you and him. I would have loved to see you 2 bustin some moves. Take care, Tammi

  4. Love the poses, she looks so fun and happy!



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