Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Girlies!!

So....because I am laaaaame...I haven't gotten my sweet sisters anything for their birthday.....yet! I will, but in the meantime...I decided to dedicate a post to them to placate them until I can get them that most wonderful birthday present that I'm still not sure of even now!
Happy Birthday to you two! You guys are the bestest! Thanks for the funny emails, texts and phone calls when you know I am down. Thanks for tending my kids for the last 8 1/2 years and for coming to visit me and just for listening. Thanks for letting me talk and talk and talk and practice and talk more about my photography obsession. I couldn't ask for better, more beautiful sisters.
Marci modeling for me on the ever-famous "blue bench"
Mia hanging out in Phoenix soaking in some rays.
Marci globe-trotting without me!!
Mia's bridals...
Both of them on Mia's wedding day!
Love you ladies tons...be watching for those GREAT gifts!!!


  1. Aw!!! You are the bestest big sister ever! A whole blog dedicated to Me and Mi?!! No need for gifts!

  2. You are lucky to hae 2 GREAT SISTERS! GORGEOUS PICTURES! Take care, Tammi


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