Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mother/Son Sock Hop

I took one of my three favorite guys out for a fun-filled night of burgers, shakes, and dancing! C's school put on a Sock Hop for Moms and their boys and it was such a riot! Boy that kid can dance! He was spinning on his knees and bottom and was so into the whole thing. During slow dances, he insisted we do it right with his hand on my waist and mine on his shoulder (although the dimensions were a little off). He kept staring at the ground while we danced, and finally I asked why....he said, "I'm trying to see what your feet are doing!" We even did the Chicken Dance and he got over his aversion for it! (I don't really know how it even started~)
Awww, what a handsome date! All morning he kept telling me how much fun he had...I am so glad, I did too!

I had B, my in-house photographer, snap a picture of us before we left.

The BW's kinda cool though, huh? Can't decide.


  1. What a fun date.... he is so cute! I love how he looked at the ground....True BOY Fashion. I love the BW, but I thought you were in the desert? Where did you find such green grass??? I am sad we missed each other. I am working on talking Jayson into letting me and B go to AZ to visit ya. We will see!!!!! Well, there is always next time. Hope you had a great time in UT. We are going to Disneyland in Oct, if you want to meet up!!!! I love your post!, hope you are doing well... you look great!

  2. C is soooo darn handsome!



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