Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Random stuff

Finally a picture of my beautiful new couches...a lovely dark chocolate micro-fiber and I love them...they contrast the wall color a lot better than my oldies (altho I loved them as well!)

This is just Mr. Cuteness himself in Miss B's bed taking a nap because he's been obsessed with her alarm clock of late!

A good friend taught me how to make and bottle strawberry jam! It was so fun and I have 17 jars left...and they are so yummy! I feel sooo domestic!
And some feeble attempts at gardening in pots...we'll see how it are the strawberries..
And the cilantro...mmm it smells so good already!
And one of 2 tomato plants! Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. nice couches! i love making homemade jam. YUM! good luck with all your gardening projects! It'll be fun to see those produce.

  2. Good luck with the gardening. Love the couches. Canning really does make you feel domestic. GREAT PICS! Tammi

  3. WOW Erika, you never cease to amaze me. Growing a garden, is something that I will try this summer, but I don't think I will be good at it. Share your secretes! I love your new Couches...... BRAVO! So I have a Gmans b-day tomorrow and a Photography class on SAT till 1. What does your sat look like and are you going to be in SLC or what? Call me, maybe we can get together!!!!!!

  4. Wow you weren't kidding you were productive! Hopefully it will follow for me soon too!

  5. Your house is so cute! I love the couches. Good luck with the gardening thing. Maybe I should try pots, everything else I've planted has died.

  6. I got gardening stuff for my b-day! I love having a spring birthday :) Good luck on growing!!!



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