Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope it was a great one for all you mothers! I received a lovely breakfast...clean house...a new carry-on suitcase because mine totally came apart in Ireland (the top handle broke and the pull-up bar wouldn't pull was a pain to haul around to say the least!) well as some new duds that will hopefully get me through this wierdinbetween stage where I am not in Maternity, but things are getting too snug otherwise! The kids made me great cards that were tear-inducing and funny at the same time...I might share them latah! They also set a beautiful table and hubby cooked me a wonderful dinner! It was one for the records! I love the Motherhood...the kids crack me up, keep me busy and are always so loving! They are soo cute asleep and come up with amazing brains, thoughts and personalities all on their own! Of course, there are those trying times, but it makes the fun ones that much funner! I love my three sweetlings.

And some near-recent pics of me with the kidlets (newest to oldest)..

And a fun near vintage one right after Little N was born!

And a cyber hug to my mom and mom-in-law! What great women! I admire them both so much. We can always call either one in a crisis for sound advice and years of experience. They both have supported us through school, babies, new jobs, sickness and successes! We love them so much! They are such huge parts of their community and have people all over that look up to them. What giants they both are to me! And they get along with each other too! I hope to embody some of their motherhood/faith/friendship and support that they show to so many. Thank you both~ Erika


  1. I love looking at your blog. It is so fun. I shared it with my cousin on my mom's side who is also a photographer, she loved the work you do. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Loved your entry about Mothers Day and all the pics!! Sorry about being sick and not getting to use my house w/ Arianne. I'm sure you could make them look good where ever! You do such amazing work!

  3. sounds like a wonderful day!

  4. Aw, so cute! What a great post :) Loved it, just loved it!



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