Friday, May 2, 2008

Ireland....lots of pictures!

My sister and I had such a blast in Ireland...we couldn't get over the green and castle ruins that dotted the landscape.

Here is a bridge that we loved.

Moss and flowers growing on a stone wall.

Bunratty Castle

Miss Marci in Swords (a small town outside of Dublin)

And me...we loved this alleyway...we found an internet cafe in it!

Some countryside

Dingle Peninsula...breathtaking, although we took our lives in our hands driving along the coastal road. It was roughly one lane wide, although two-way traffic occupied it! And there are no shoulders on most roads in Ireland, just nice stone walls, hedges or cliffs! In this case, it was a stone wall on one side and mountain on the other! And remember, I was driving on the left side of the road with a stick shift!! So fun!

I took a billion pictures of this pony, people probably thought we were nuts if they saw us! We had to be in the middle of the road and listened for coming traffic zipping around the curves...and when we did, we'd make a run for the safety of a pull-out in the road!

Gallarus Oratory...roughly 9th-12th century and built entirely of dry mortar! And it is still almost completely dry inside! They built it so perfectly that everything lines up and is symmetrical straight! Amazing!

Me and my lovely scarf courtesy of Glendalough (pronounced Glen-duh-lock) Woolen Mills!

Posing outside Kilkenny Castle

The castle itself...don't be fooled, it looks like it's in the middle of nowhere, but on the other side is a crazy, bustling city, that scared me half to death to drive through! I'm pretty sure we almost died!

A beautiful waterfall in Killarney Forest. We took a jaunting cart ride around some of the main sites courtesy of our guide, Patrick O'Sullivan (and I am not kidding, that was really his name!)

Our lovely jaunting cart pulled by the lovely Judy!

A celtic cross on a grave stone.

Sheep were everywhere, hence the Woolen Mills that were everywhere!

Glendalough! It was so beautiful to drop down into this valley on a hazy, drizzly morning....again, death-defying to drive down the windy, narrow, crazy roads, but so worth it!
There were amazing, ancient graveyards everywhere, this is just Glendalough.

Arches at Glendalough.

Blarney Castle...and the little white space of open air in the top of the tower is where we laid across to kiss the Blarney Stone..we had to wind our way up some very old, extremely narrow and winding Medieval stairs to get to the top.

And me kissin' the stone. It's supposed to give the gift of eloquent speech to all who kiss it...hmmmm we'll see~ see the little piece of green, that's the ground, waaaaaaay below (hence the bars and the guy holding on to me...we tipped him!) My husband asked if I sanitized it first, but we didn't even think of that...there was too much adrenaline going on!


  1. I'm glad you finally got your work done so I could enjoy some pictures of your trip. So cool and so beautiful.

  2. I'm officially very jealous! Do you know how long I've wanted to go to Ireland? For a very long time! Anyway, these pictures are amazing! Now I want to go even more. Also congrates on the baby boy! I'm looking at these pictures and thinking you don't even look pregnant yet. Lucky you!

  3. wow! what a great trip and amazing pictures! it reminds me so much of England. I miss all those beautiful castles and the wide open almost make it look better than actually being there! :) seriously, great pics!
    Also, Congrats on another boy!!! So exciting!

  4. Wow, I wish I could've been there with you! Just joshing, I'm glad you two had a blast together :) I love the pictures, the green and the castles are just amazing! Oh, I especially love the graveyard shots, so inspiring!!!


  5. WOW!!!! Ireland! how fun! love all the shots and the castle images! looks like you had a blast!

  6. What a great trip! The pictures are beautiful. And so great to go with your sister, too. You look great, not even pregnant at all yet!

  7. wow...what a must of loved it...your pictures are so amzing that you make feel as though l was the bridge shoot...great job on all of these!

  8. Love the castle far off with all teh green. They are all really gorgeous photos, between you and your sister you two must have a million picures. Tammi

  9. Awesome pics guys...Im jealous I didnt get to go. Cant wait to hear the stories and see all the pics.


  10. that pic of kissing the blarney stone looks scary! Love you pics. Your hair is so long! looks cute!


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