Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Two of Us and the Polka-dot Dress

We went to a Charity Dinner last week and we had such a blast together! I was very worried about what to wear and headed to Ross a few hours before the event and found this beauty! I was so excited! We had Miss B snap a few shots since we don't have ANY of us together! I love them! I am so glad we have some now!


same one Vintage...
I couldn't decide on which editing I liked better, so posted all!


  1. that dress is gorgeous! I can't believe that you don't look pregnant. With your fourth? I swear, I was in maternity clothes with Katy when I was only 3 months along!

  2. Dang cute dress! It's good to see some shots of L once in awhile! I don't get to see that workin' man very much ;)


  3. Ahhh, How cute! I love the pictures! I also love the dress! So fun with the pink tie. You guys make a cute couple.

  4. Hey... What a great couple. You look amazing and I love the dress. I love polkadots and the pink. How are you? I have been missing you lately, looks like you have been busy, me too. We are going to St. George over memorial weekend. Do you have a trip planned that way? Jayson has been talking about doing some CE course in AZ and we could maybe come and visit ya. I don't know if he can handle the AZ HEAT! We really need to get together!

  5. what a great looking couple you both are :) the dress


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