Sunday, June 1, 2008

The End

May has been busy....and we've finally come to the end of it! We had softball for B, C had T-ball coached by Dad, C graduated from Kindergarten...and all that comes with the end of the school year (parties, songs, talent shows, lunches, etc), and finally N's birthday! Phew! Here is a little documentation for your enjoyment!

Waiting to open gifts....and eat the cupcakes.

Listening to the "Happy Birthday" song with a silly smile on his face.

Opening gifts with the eversohelpful Big Sis!

After C's Graduation...

What a studmuffin...although sometimes he does a too cool look that reminds me of football must be in boys' genes to pose like that!

He did a great job singing with his class, complete with Sign Language for the whole alphabet!

Miss #10 B, running after a smokin' hit...she got to be quite the slugger by the last game, figures!

Time for her turn as catcher, I loved watching her do that...and then a good friend #5, up to her turn at bat!

And me and my buddy N hanging out and being fans! He kept climbing in the stroller basket thinking he was hilarious!

B's team had a practice where they played against parents..she LOVED it! Dad played (in red) and they both got a kick out of the fact that they got eachother out during the game!

B's on second here with Dad playing second base. They kept harrassing eachother as they'd pass.

B on first and at the ready! They played really hard against the adults!

And N providing me entertainment once again.

Had to snap one of C looking so thoughtful at the bumble bees in the trees overhead!

C's T-ball experience with good ol' dad as Coach! Good thing, cuz I had to go to most of B's games and Dad to most of C's! Phew, busy times, but fun times!


  1. Love the pics and all the colors!! Looks like a jam-packed month... So much FUN!!

  2. Busy, busy...cutie kids.

  3. Good looking kids. They must have equally good looking parents.

    -Joey Browner


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