Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Trip to Washington State....

We had a week-long getaway to Washington and it was a blast! We visited Pike Place was really cold and rainy, but we enjoyed showing the kids the flying fish market, pointing out clams, lobsters, and fruit...and enjoying some tasty treats (crepes and mini-donuts).

We next stopped at Snoqualmie Falls, I couldn't get a good shot of the falls because it was super foggy and misty and I didn't want my camera wet, plus you couldn't really see them anyway. The kidlets enjoyed running up and down stairs and enjoying all the green though~!

We stopped by Point Defiance Park and the kids loved gathering shells and sea glass...excuse my haggard look, the trip thus far had taken a slight toll on my preggo self! Alas, what a weakling.

Landon lived in WA state for 2 years and learned to love Pho, Vietnamese beef noodle soup. He had to have the kiddos try it. It really is delicious! You eat it with a little plum sauce, and some bean sprouts and a little squirt of lime! Yummo! As you can tell by C's face, he wasn't too thrilled, but everyone else loved it! Plus it came with complimentary cream puffs that were outrageous!

First Beach in La Push! We ate lunch on the driftwood and hiked down an amazing little trail from the highway to get there. It was cold and wet, but we really enjoyed ourselves...the kids played with dad in the waves and looked for shells and other sea life! Miss B happened upon a star fish!

Sul Doc Falls was so beautiful, this isn't the actual falls, but I kinda liked this small one on the way, better!! We also took a 2 hour reprise in the Sul Doc Hot Springs after our hike...what a lovely experience! It was freezing cold in the forest, but the sun came out for our swim. We soaked in the pools to our hearts content. There were three to choose from and I am bummed I didn't get pics, but didn't want to worry about my camera the whole time. There was a 101 degree one that N and I lounged in, a 106-8 degree one that was scorching and the hubby and big kids would try out for a bit, then a 103 degree one and a 71 degree freshwater pool (that I never graced with my presence...brrr!) Anyway, imagine 3 round hot pools (not mud puddles, actual plastered pools) and one reg pool under a beautiful blue sky surrounded by towering mountains, crisp air and tons of trees...beautiful! *I found a picture of the hot springs on their website so you could get a better feel!

Here we are entering the Hoh National Rainforest, it really was surreal. The moss hanging everywhere, the cool twisty roots on the trees that made you think fairies and trolls were lurking around every corner...just out of sight. The rivers and streams were sooo amazingly clear, you could see the fish perfectly. Mr. C, who is constantly worrying about rules, dangers, etc. saw a sign cautioning against bothering elk and about watching for cougar and bears. The cougar and bear cautions were for the major hikes, but he could not be placated...he discussed nothing else the entire time (note the picture of him hiking while praying!). He was also worried about flying into Seattle at night and was worried the "driver" would fall asleep and that he didn't think it was a good idea and we should reschedule! That kid!

This is our home base just out of Forks, WA (you know where that is, right Twilight Fans? I will post a link later for all of my Twilight tour pics!) Note the name of our lovely is named for the Hoh river that runs right behind! It was so nice, a three bedroom casa with a fire pit out back where we roasted marshmellows and hot dogs. There were also a couple of rope swings! The kids adored it!

I loved this field of blue flowers at Crescent lake and stopped for a reminder of them!

And then our ferry ride back from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. We drove our car on and the kids couldn't get over how fun that was! They loved the ride over! Miss B was freezing cold, and I adore the pic of her bundled up in dad's jacket! And there are a bunch more pics but I think these will keep you busy for awhile!!! Congrats if you made it this far!


  1. Man, that is a beatiful place! I would love all the green...not so much all the rain! But fun to go on the Twilight tour. I'm not a huge fan of twilight, but i have read them, and it would be interesting to see the area!

  2. What a fun trip! You guys do lots of interesting things. My kids would love all the hiking and outdoor stuff, too. Sounds like a good start to your summer vacation!

  3. Dang I missed a bunch of posts. Love all the great pics. I found some Diego Slippers for Noah last night. The K family looks gorgeous. There daughter is a doll. Love your Washington photos, so GREEN. Love the FORKS sweatshirt your sporting. See ya later, Tammi

  4. Looks like a blast... So green and lush! Jake would love to live there someday. Not so much me... TOO rainy!

  5. Hi Erika,

    I am so jealous!! How fun to see Forks and your pics are so amazine (so is your sense of humor!!) I love Christian's hilarious worries - Brenden would (and still does to some extent) do similar things, such as make sure we had plenty of gas. He was always worried we would run out and was constantly checking the gas gauge. I LOVED the prayer/hike pic and Brynna and the starfish and always, noah! Love, Joni

  6. Pics look great Lou. Do you have any pics of the Children's Museum and Sol Duc falls?

    -Sammy Moore

  7. Wow!! So much fun!! I love all the pics, the cute stories, the cute kids...!! I'm glad you had fun ;o) I would love to live there! I don't know if I would ever get tired of GREEN!!


  8. How I love Pike Street Market...and seatle! looks like you guys had fun and the whole story about your HS made me laugh! I do miss all the Green too! I grew up close to that! Love the pictures of your kids...all of them you always capture great moments!

  9. Your photographs are beautiful--you have talent! I'd bet your Christian is a high IQ kid/ only those kids worry about such things!


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