Monday, June 23, 2008

My three sweeties...

So, I had to snap a few pics of the kiddos in WA and try out some fun spots we found. It was overcast most of the time, which was lovely, however it was sometimes raining too and always cold. Plus, I didn't have an outrageous supply of clothes, so here's a little sampling.

So, Miss B loved all the green until she discovered Banana Slugs! Aack! She could barely make it back to the cabin!! Click on the storyboard to make it bigger to see her face on the last one, hilarious!! I forgot to say that she everafter dubbed our cabin and surrounding area, "Slugtopia"!

I loved this blue wall, and the rustic wood one above and I was snapping away in an alley, when a lady entering the building said, "You don't want to take pictures on these ugly walls, you can come inside and take some nice ones if you'd like!" Ha! Too funny, ahhh the hospitality of Forks! Sweet gesture, but I don't think I'd like the inside as much as the outside!


  1. Brynnas face is hilarious. I love the blue jacket she is wearing. GREAT pictures of everyone. Have a GREAT one Tammi

  2. Brynna looks like a model... She is getting so old!! WOW!!!
    Love the pics... They look great

  3. too funny about the "ugly walls" THey did make great backdrops...and your kids are all so gorgeous anyway!

  4. good times, great pics, cute kids. ps what do you mean about my widget?


  5. How can you take such cute pics. I love them all and look forward to your blog every day so I can see what fun pics you have up. Your kids are so perfect. I can't believe how grown up Brynna is. She seriously looks like a model!!


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