Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Twilight Stops

While we were touring around the peninsula, we decided to check out some of the spots featured in the Twilight books (if you haven't read them, sorry, these may not make any sense!)...first La Push (1st Beach) and I even found some mysterious "dog" prints in the sand.


Grocery Store and Outfitters (Sporting Goods Store)

Driving down the main road

Me laughing in front of Forks High School cuz I felt like a fool with kids in class watching me out the window...then my hubby thought he'd be funny and lock me out of the car as I made a mad dash to my getaway! Aaaack!

Just a beautiful path that I didn't post before, reminded me of forest stuff in the books.

Sol Duc Falls for my hubby's sake, he wanted me to post it. I didn't before cuz the picture doesn't do it justice, I couldn't get the full drop and all the green moss on the cliff, but you can imagine it's splendor I hope~


  1. I love all your beautiful photography which is why I keep checking back on your blog. But I had to comment on this post because I'm a huge Twilight fan myself. I just pre-ordered the last book and thought I'd give "The Host" a try.

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous spots. I think it's hysterical that you found the high school. Your husband is a great sport.

  2. How fun. What an adventure! It looks like a fun trip, so lush and green. Amazing pictures!!! I am just now starting the first book!

  3. You're so funny! I never really imagined Forks as a real place. Interesting. You look great, by the way. Glad you had a good trip.

  4. Hey Erika I was just wondering if we could get a few more pics of Landon. I'm sure you can find some cool ones of him doing some way important Law stuff.


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