Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So, we had a visit from the cousins and my sister-in-law! We couldn't do lots because of the 115ish degree weather...but we did swim a lot in the pool....

Little C was hilarious, he all of a sudden discovered his love for swimming and although this isn't a good representation, he was fearless!

My wonderful hubby watched 6 kids so my 2 sisters-in-law and I could have a quick pedicure...it was super fun!!

The two of them chillin' by the pool

Miss B

And Cousin M with the my favorite..."racetrack face" from the goggles, I love it!

C and S taking a breather!

And then watching some movies, eating snacks and relaxing...except Jenae who is slaving away making dinner!


  1. great shots! And I love your new blog header! Very cool! Is that your pool? It looks amazing!

  2. It's been awhile, but I love your new header. Looks like a fun cousin visit. I wish my kids could have more cousin time. Maybe someday we'll live closer.


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