Monday, July 21, 2008

The M Family

While at home for a visit, I had the chance to photograph my childhood friend and her was soooo makeup melted, my sunglasses stuck to my face and we all suffered, but they were good sports and we worked as fast as possible!! Anywho, I loved their outfits and colors and they were such a hoot! It was fun to reconnect for a minute!

This first one is her and her hubby!

The whole bunch of them!


  1. Thanks again! They turned out great, and on top of it, we got to see you!!!

  2. These pictures look so great! I love them!! We need some of Jake and Lex and I!! Maybe over the wedding??

  3. Super cute. Was it a family of 3 girls and a boy... 2 married... or what. I love their outfits totally fun!

  4. I love the pics! If you were hot I wonder what the guys in the suits felt like?

  5. Oh fabulous! They look so good, and yes, I enjoy the colors very much!

    It was like 125 out there!



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