Friday, July 25, 2008

My man

I have been feeling extra uncreative took my baby out for some practice...we had lots of fun for about 20 minutes!! He's getting so huge, I can't believe it!

I decided to leave his bruises in, it's what boys are all about, right?!

I brought out my new Ikea rug, and have to say that I love it with his plaid shorts!

This one KILLS me, look at him...what a lady-killer!

...being a goof

And this is an example of his growing sweetnes...I woke up one morning to find him just walking out of his room. He said "I made my bed already, Mom!" I couldn't believe is proof...I love the messiness of it and didn't even fix it! I believe in making beds straight away, (thanks Mom!), and he must be listening while I am telling the older two to make theirs....and it hasn't really worked every day since, but I still thought it was cute! He even put his throw pillow up!


  1. What a great series! I don't even know which I like best. He is too cute, and I love the story of your little bed maker. My Ben's finally in the habit of getting his made first thing without a reminder. It's good but a sad when they grow up in these little ways.

  2. i'm impressed that he made his bed! he is seriously adorable!

    i've missed some posts. congrats to your sister!

  3. What a sweetheart! And so cute, too. Aren't you glad to be having another one?

  4. Sheesh! He's a going to be a heartbreaker all right!! I love the GQ pose with his hands in his pockets!! That could be an ad in a magazine ;o) And the Ikea rug is perfect!!


  5. he is just too adorable!!!!! love them!!!! :)

  6. Love the red chair with the shorts. I haven't checked blogs forever. Your sisters pics are GORGEOUS! So many fun shots. Later, Tammi

  7. Noey, You are so cute! Cannon asks to come see you all the time! He says "I want to go wimming at noey's house."


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