Sunday, July 6, 2008

Three Girlies

I had the opportunity to take pictures of these three beauties! We had to trek through some newly plowed fields on a hot and muggy night, but it was worth it! We only had one muddy shoe episode and we narrowly missed stepping in a huge red ant hill, what an adventure! Enjoy these beauties...

I LOVE this one, but can't decide on color or b&w...?

I actually really love them all...


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL... These pics are perfect, but I am thinking, that field and some cowboy boots. .. Love the colors. Take care, Tammi

  2. wow! these are gorgeous! i love the color pic of the oldest...the one where you said you couldn't decide. what a beautiful job erika!

  3. Love the softness in these. I've got my eye on a field I'm going to try soon.

  4. Loved catching up on you and your fam! Love the pics of the girls. They are so grown-up and beautiful!


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