Monday, August 11, 2008

Time for School Again!

We made it. I don't know what it was about this summer...but it seemed long. We had lots of fun together, but it was definitely time to go back! The kids were up at 6:15 on their own with clothes laid out and their lunches made. They were really looking forward to something else keeping them busy. So, here they are in their "First Day Duds".
He was soooo excited about this guitar shirt. funny.
And N had to jump in on the action...notice the lunch box strap wrapped around his little arm. He thought he was going to school too. He actually does start Preschool next week, but he didn't really get that it wasn't today. He toted that lunch box all over today and kept telling me he couldn't eat his lunch until he got to school. (Although he finally gave in this afternoon!) Poor little dude...soon enough.

And I decided to throw in a shot of me on the first day of school! (Although apparently I should have worn blue, eh?!) Only 7 ish weeks left. Wahoo.


  1. Wow! You look fabulous! I can't believe you only have that much left. I'm totally jealous!

    Love the first day pics. We'll have some of those going on here later today...

  2. You look amazing! I am sure you are loving the school days as much as I am. I can't believe how much I can get done and how peaceful our home is during the day :)

  3. Man C is studly! I love his hair-do!

  4. Our little guys will be in school in no time! Scary! What a cute picture of the three of them.

  5. We're ready to start school, too. It's tough being the entertainer all day every day. You look great, by the way. I can't believe it is so soon now!

  6. Such a cute picture of your kiddos! And for you...what can I say but WOW! You look Awesome! I can't believe that your almost done!

  7. LOVE the belly!!! You look awsome! I love all the kids school pictures too. You are wonderful with your camera!


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