Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Wedding

Here's a random sampling of some groups shots....

The Groom and his siblings and their spouses

A couple more from the Temple

My siblings and their spouses

Just the siblings...with the happy couple....

...with the niece and nephews, all of which are mine except the baby!

I'm still working through pictures, but here's one of the ladies...I am the one hugely taller than everyone else...should've removed my shoes, eh?!


  1. Love the wedding pics and the ones below. It looks like a BEAUTIFUL day.. Could you SILAW below be any more GORGEOUS! Her baby girl is a doll too. GORGEOUS pics. Are you in labor yet? Kidding. Take care, Tammi

  2. Love the two pregnant sisters in matching dresses... don't know why but I think that is SO CUTE! Also really love the blue sashes. The photos are, of course, amazing! Hugs --bettijo

  3. You and Mia are so cute pregnant together. How cute is that. I'm sure both of you don't think so. Maybe its the matching dresses, LOVE IT!!

  4. I love the one of your sister looking at the camera and hugging her man! and I love the bridesmaid dresses!

  5. Super cute. I love the fact that even in the picture that you're taller than everyone your still bending down a bit to compensate and you're still taller. ha! Anyways I love the laterns in the background also, is that the handy work of your man? They look great.

  6. I love the last picture with the 2 cute round bellies! It looks like your sister had a beautiful wedding and now some beautiful pictures to remember the day. (You have amazing skills!)

  7. Love them all! My fav is Noah's face on the neice and nephews picture! And I love all the beautiful maids in a row! Gorgeous girls!! Thanks for taking such amazing pics :o)



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