Sunday, September 21, 2008 Picking!

We've been planning on visiting this Apple Orchard for a few weekends and have been busy with Soccer games and life. They are only open on weekends and of course when we were finally able to go, we read on their website how they had a small harvest and were pretty much wiped out, but you could come at your own risk. Needless to say, we decided it would be a fun adventure, even though we'd have to hit a 9 am soccer game...rush to the orchard for some fun and a picnic and then rush back for a 3 pm soccer game.

So, here we are at the start...gathering supplies...we got a couple of apple pickers and some boxes, we didn't arm ourselves with wheelbarrows as we figured we wouldn't find too many, but they looked cool anyway~

Here we have the kiddos and dad searching the trees for edible fruit

Then N and I came across a fallen apple...our first discovery (albeit small), and I snapped a picture.

Next, B came across a fallen pear, yellow in fact and had me take a picture in honor of my photography....she got quite a kick out of it!

Dad in action with an apple picker...although in this case it is for pears...can you spot them in the trees?

Mr. C trying his hand with a kid-size apple picker on a lower-level pear.

Dad and Miss B

Dennis here would wait for a fruit to be picked and take it to the box where he would unceremoniously throw it without mercy... but he's too cute anyway. (And check out that "yellow pear"...GORGEOUS!)

And a snap of me with only a couple of days left (with the belly full of baby, that is)!!!

Mr. C

Heading back to the truck with our spoils...and we spotted some wild turkeys on the way! Cool!

And here is only half of our huge harvest...don't be jealous...there are many and they are beautiful, right?! (I really hope they are edible, actually!) And you see why I changed the title to Pear Picking...they were much more numerous!

This is the cash register where we paid on the honor took us awhile to figure out how to open the cool, vintage contraption!

I most certainly could not pass up a photo op with this other cool, vintage contraption...and B helped me out with that girl's moody posing!

And there you have it...probably our last big adventure with only the 3 kids.....


  1. looks like you guys had a ton of fun! love all the pics! they are beautiful! what a fun little adventure for the kids!

  2. Where is this orchard? Looks like fun and I want to GO! Good luck with the baby!! --bettijo

  3. what great pictures! Of the pear orchard :) and of you! You really look so fabulous! good luck with 4!


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