Friday, September 19, 2008

The End

This is the end of photo sessions for people for awhile! I will be postponing further shoots until the New Year. My bundle of joy will be here any day...and I am all tuckered out! I am busily editing these last few to get them done before Jr arrives and I have no time anymore!

Enjoy...I had a great time with the B family. They are good friends who have been gone to England and then New York for the last 2 years and it's good to have them back!


Three sweet girlies in the desert...with a little vintage....

The sun hid behind the only clouds in the sky long enough for us to get some great shots in the desert, and then came out shining like mad right as we were finishing! That sure was nice of the sun.

And I adore all these candids, we had such a fun time with them!

Aren't those mountains outrageous?!


  1. These look fabulous! I'm so excited to put these up on the wall. I especially love the one of Tori on the red chair and all the candids! Thanks so much lady! You are amazing! 9 months pregnant and working! Thanks for putting up with us! :)

  2. Hi--I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Dana's sister (my husband and I stayed with her a few summers ago for a little while). Dana wanted me to look at these pictures that you posted, and I have to say that they are beautiful!! I will admit that I look at your blog everyonce in a while to see your photography--you do such a good job!! Andrea


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