Friday, September 19, 2008

Repeat Customers...

I was able to take pictures of this fun family again this year. It's fun to make friends with clients and meet up every so often. And on an entirely different note, my mother pointed out that my watermark has had "photography" spelled wrong this entire time~ aaaack, what a nerd! I can't believe I didn't notice. So, for those of you who did notice, I have now fixed the issue! Sorry!

I love these fun picnic bench/sunflare shots...

We couldn't get the littlest to hold still....

And some Red Door action.

...don't you just love those curls?!

This sweet little girl fell off backwards not too long after this was taken...smacking her head on the cement! She was so busy and curious, she kept tumbling throughout the entire session!

Love the attitude in this

Just a fun one I happened to catch.

and the parents...


  1. Cute and fun. I can't even tell that it was probably 100 degrees. I love that about Saguaro Park, I can't even tell your in good ol' AZ.

  2. these look AMAZING!! I'm so thrilled. I love how my cheeks are so rosy in that last one of just me and Heath. YAY! Thanks so much!!!! --b

  3. I can't believe you spelled "photography" wrong all this time! But even more, I can't believe I never noticed! Good luck with the baby. I've been thinking about you and being excited for you a lot lately. Can't wait to get the good news!


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