Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday B

Miss B celebrated her 9th birthday on Saturday the 18th of October, although we had a party for her on Thursday since Grandma was in town. We threw together a quick barbeque and Grandma even made some homemade french fries! This was her second party as she had a co-party with her friend Savanna earlier in October in true Webkinz style...complete with a "Wheel of Wow" cake!

So we had a pile of brownies the second go-round.

Some candids with the birthday plate and the gift pile.

..and some crazy/excited/embarrassed face during the opening of daddy's gift which was an ...

...MP3 player...and the look that followed. She also got some new winter duds, a special panda bobble head and 14 Webkinz from her first party (sheesh)! Sorry, was 9 Webkinz from her friend party, but still...sheesh!

4 of the n0w 6 of us

N posing with my favorite part of the party (the hot dogs)...

and then they are not real- but marshmellow renditions and pretty good at that!

Here's the real deal and the fries!

Finally the blowing out of candles atop the brownie mountain!

Boy...9 years old...cannot believe it!


  1. Nice par-tay! I love hot dogs :) Cute earrings B, so sophisticated looking!


  2. So cute. Where does the time go. Take care, Tammi

  3. 14 Webkinz?

    Holy Cow!!

    I think I would like a "wheel of wow" for my birthday. ;)

    Happy Birthday B!

  4. My how time flies! It's scary. She looks beautiful, so grown up!--Tatum

  5. Happy Birthay from the Haws Clan...and ofcourse from Baylee. You look so cute, we miss you and hope you had a ball....on your special day. Take good care of your mommy and new little brother! They are very special!

  6. wow...she is so grown up! how fun! u have such a beautiful family!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to B! I can't believe it's been nine years already, either. I still remember her baby shower so long ago. She's beautiful. She reminded me of your mom in the one of her "excited face".

  8. I LOVE the pic of her after she sees it's an MP3, you have beautiful kids!!


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