Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Pumpkins

Here's the annual pumpkin carving pictures. Dad outdid himself this year since he was playing Dad/Mom whilst I was recovering. He went and bought It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and some candy corn and candy pumpkins for a night of movie, snacks and carving fun.

The two oldest took awhile trying to "compromise" what type of face to carve for their pumpkin, while N used the Mr. Potato Head-type face pieces for his pumpkin.



N's final project

The other one that had to have vampire teeth, too bad I'm not a great pumpkin face drawer, huh?! Dad did the cutting!

Then Grandma came for a visit and bought these small ones for the kiddos and Miss B decided she'd carve one for each of the big boys at their request. She did all the carving herself with only a butter knife! Beat that!!

N with his

Both of her bewitching masterpieces

And Master C with his...

And last, but definitely the cutest little is baby little pumpkin.


  1. so adorable! Love the pumpkin carving skills. Hannah insists on drawing her pumpkin faces, and then making daddy cut it out...intricate eyelashes and all!

  2. looks like a super duper good time!!


  3. I like your pumpkin the best...cutest hat ever! Wish my little pumpkin would be here by Halloween, but at this point I'm not holding my breath!

  4. erika! i just need to say that you are AMAZING for more than one reason but i just LOVE looking at all your pictures on here! so jealous of your artistic ability! heart: ang

  5. WOW... with a butter knife... that is pretty impressive. Gotta say your pumpkin is the cutest though! --b


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