Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Daddy nicknames all of our rugrats and this one was either going to be Squirrel, or Q. I voted for Q! The idea for Squirrel came from the nurses during delivery. One of them asked what we were naming him and wrote "Welcome Squire!" on the white board in front of my bed. I enjoyed looking at it for the hours we were there because it made it seem that much more real. That is until I realized that with the exclamation point, it ended up looking like "Welcome Squirrel" if you just glanced at it. The hubs and I got a good laugh and he said maybe we could call him that...I didn't think it was funny....so Q it is, but mostly just to Dad.

And without further ado...here are some shots of the little man over the past couple of weeks.
I have so enjoyed holding him, and smelling him and rubbing my face against his sweet baby cheeks and just watching him make funny faces and noises. Oh I love newborns...but especially my own. I love how they yawn and stretch their arms above their head and pull their knees all the way to their chests...and how after you feed them, they curl up on your chest and snooze away...there is nothing better.

These are at 1 week...love the hat

One week still...

I was having the darndest time getting a shot with his eyes open sans the binkie...oh well...he just really loves that thing I guess.

Here's some with eyes open and no binkie, but there is some serious eyebrow scrunching going on. Oh, and these are at 2 weeks.

Yup, looks like he's adding a little chub.

And still 2 weeks...asleep on a very uncomfortable chair....(took me awhile to work that magic).

And a snoozin'

But isn't this hilarious! I caught what looks like a genuine smile...too funny.

And a little vintage cuz I want to.

Me and Q

Isn't it funny how newborns can look completely different from picture to picture...sometimes he doesn't even look like the same kid.


  1. He is so adorable. I do love newborns, especially when they cuddle on you and fall asleep. Nothing is better. Congratulations.

  2. Every time I think of his name I love it more. So so cute. And Squirrel is a perfectly good nickname...but so is Q. Oh, how i wish I had that uncomfortable chair...it makes for such great photos! Love all the pics...he's perfect!

  3. Man! He's so cute! I love the little hat! He looks like N to me.

    Wow Erika! I was gone this weekend and didn't know that all happened. I'm so grateful that you are better!!!! My goodness!!! After talking to you Wednesday (was it Wed??) I was worried about you!!! I heard that your mom came on Thursday and I'm grateful you had had lots of people ready and willing to help!!! Let me know if we can do anything. I'm sure your still recovering.

    And, uh, Mia thinks she has a new little boyfriend in N. Pretty funny.

  4. Erika-

    He is seriously so adorable. I can't wait to meet him in person. I'm glad you are feeling better after your scare. Congrats on the new baby!

  5. WOW... that smile is outrageous! Way to go catching that one. I also love the one of him snoozing on the chair. He's precious!! --bettijo

  6. Congratulations! He's beautiful! Love the smiley one! :-)

  7. Love the pictures. I can definately see N in him now. Such sweet baby shots. I love the red chair. GORGEOUS. Take care, Tammi

  8. What a beautiful baby! I'm with you on the newborn thing, too. There is nothing like it. It is even more special because you know it only lasts a few short weeks and then they're all grown up. Keep enjoying him!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love them! I'm so thankful you are doing better! And I'm thankful you are able to be with your new baby again and enjoy every second of the snuggles and loves! There's nothing better!!=)

  10. Cute Cute!! Love the little hat and the smiley one too... I still think he looks like N!!

  11. Great pictures. I wish I could hold him and rub his cute little baby cheeks on my face. He is so kissable!

  12. I'm SO glad you are better! How scary! I didn't even know! I think you are so right! Life is to short to not make the most of it. You have such a handsome little man!

  13. Hi Erika,
    So frightening to hear of the struggles you had after the little guy was born. Yes, life is short, and time flies whether you are having fun or not! Enjoy every moment. I am thankful that all is well now. I know you know this already, but you have a deliciously beautiful family!

    janet & mario klappoth

  14. What a beautiful mom squire has! These are the most beautiful pictures!


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