Thursday, October 30, 2008

What good kids I have

We had Parent Teacher Conference recently and here is a sample of one of Miss B's writing projects.... (copied as she wrote it)

"My Three Super Hero's"

If I took every person in the world one of my favorit people would be my mom. She not only loves me but she cares for me and everyone. My mom is my sercret chef. I love her food! My mom tells me a lot of things sometimes she makes them into storys. I'm glad that my mom is my mom.

Dad that's his name don't wear him out I bought him at Walmart there all sold out. My dad always checks on us night and day. My dad is always working he tries so hard to spend time with his family. I wish I could spend more time with him. My dad loves sports and nature usily when he has free time he takes us out for a walk of to go play a sport. As you can see I love my dad very much and so does my family.

Even your little brother is three years old he can be your hero. N is one of the funniest guys I know he cracks me up. N is acventures full of energy and full of laghter he is also curious and playful. N likes to be around everyone and I think he is cute for that. n loves to be fun to be around and as sweet as ice cream this is why I love my brother.

(They were supposed to write about their 3 super heroes, thus the missing ode to C...he hasn't realized yet!!)

Anyway, I found it very sweet and touching! I had to record it for future reference. Her teacher said she is a great writer and always wants to write too much and then B stresses because she has to cut her 10 page epistle down to 5 sentences!! Aaack, the stories that girl has in her head!

And as for Master C, we got a letter from his teacher saying that he is excelling in Math and will be getting a more challenging math homework page from now on! Way to go C ( a man after my own heart!! I was so proud...Papa will be too!)

Their teachers both said they were excellent students, respectful, responsible, smart, etc.

SUCCESS!!! We must be doing something right, huh? Even if at home they let their guard down and drive me insane at times, at least at school they pull it together and do what's right!


  1. I love that! Brynna's so cute! And you always know how great your kids are, but it's so fun to hear it from someone else!

  2. Your kids are great. I'm so glad I've gotten to spend a good amount of time with them. I love their little personalities! It so much fun to see what they write at school, I love their way of thinking.

  3. your kids are adorable and sweet! they are lucky to have such amazing parents. :) i love what B wrote!!!


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