Friday, October 31, 2008


We had so much fun this year as the Scooby Gang...Dad was Shaggy, but we never got a good pic of him in the day with us. The kids' wigs were long, girl wigs that I cut to fit! And I made the ascots.

N as Scooby and C as Freddy

Me as Daphne

Miss B as Velma
And the little ghostie...

Through the years...

2007 we were the Narnia Crew...didn't get a good shot of N, but he was Edmund

And Me as the White Witch

2006...Pirate Crew

2005...I took it upon myself to sew all of these Wizard of Oz costumes...lots of hard work, but they turned out great...I was supposed to be Glinda the Good Witch, but forgot my crown.

2004...Daphne and Shaggy, they had so much fun, they wanted to do it again this year, and with more of us!


  1. You look great!!! (Both the costumes and the post-pregnancy body!)

    I love that you guys dress up as a family. It doesn't seem like many people are willing to go to the effort to do that. And you guys look fantastic--every year!

  2. WOW what a legacy! I have a lot to live up to :)


  3. You guys did look great! I'm always impressed with what you come up with! You're such a fun mom! I'll be thinking of you!

  4. You guys look great! How to you convince your kids to all coordinate? We've tried that a few times, but lately they both have too many opinions about what they want to be. But then, our other problem is that Ryan and I don't want to dress up at all. Anyway, good for you and you all look fabulous!

  5. You did not just have a baby! I love the costumes you are so creative and handy!

  6. Wow!!! Good Job E!!!! I am VERY impressed! So DANG CUTE!

  7. What great costumes! I'M SO IMPRESSED! You guys look great!

  8. You all look great! It is so fun to dress up. You and Landon are good sports I love how you all match theme wise. We can never get our dad to participate, although I did get him to dress up for a friends costume party, but only because it was a must to go. Don't ya love halloween! We now have a year supply of CANDY!

  9. Wow, your family looks like the real thing. Love the costumes. I should come to you for ideas from now on.

  10. Awesome pics, I love you as Daphne, and I can't believe you just had a baby...

  11. Those are amazing... you are SO creative!! --b

  12. Wow, you're amazing. Your costumes are so fun!


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